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Surviving Death Row: Damien Echols

“Time spoils quickly in here, and it smells like rotten meat. Every day adds a little more weight, barely noticeable at first, but eventually it will crush you to death. 561 more words

Prison Writing

Costly Freedom of Speech

Social media fascinates me. Social media is something everyone loves, but at the same time hates because of the beauty and the ugly it too often displays. 620 more words

Personal Development

Internalized Audism

Content note: ableism, audism, communication access, disability rights, ADA, institutionalized oppression

Back in February, Congressman Glenn Grothman, R-WI, encouraged his constituents to pry into the lives of citizens on government assistance. 801 more words


Everyone's Trying Really Hard Not to Call the Germanwings Co-Pilot a Terrorist (Article)

If you are not familiar with the crash of Germanwings please check out this article, “Co-pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings plane“.

The following are excerpts from Identities.Mic entitled, “ 510 more words

The Facts

Slaves as Commodity in Freedom Cry

I had a sudden and distressing realization while playing Freedom Cry, and I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly how I feel about it. My realization this: The more I played the game, the less I empathized with the slaves I was freeing. 373 more words

Video Game

Adding insult to injury: Why do healthcare professionals stigmatize victims of unsafe healthcare with accusations of sexual promiscuity?

I can’t answer the question in the title, and I don’t want an answer. What I want is that healthcare pros stop sliming suffering people with unsupported suspicions and accusations. 450 more words


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After V Magazine, Steven Klein did a photoshoot for W magazine (magazine with a one-letter name are sooo edgy). This one is all about dehumanization and the promotion of transhumanism using strange lustful images. 66 more words