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Release: "Ryouko-san's Target" by Magatama

But really, who could resist the charms of a desperate Ryouko-san?

Translator: Kitsunetsuki
Editor: Palaxius
QC: Dem, Cadenza

Ryouko-san no Target (COMIC HOTMiLK 2014-11)
[マガタマ] 涼子さんの標的 (コミックホットミルク 2014年11月号) [英訳] 12 more words


[Harepore] Puni "Loli" Lax

How it was good when we didn’t have lightsaber dicks. Harepore is great.
You can check the gallery on a certain Panda or download it below:



Short Stuff

While the canonical adjuration as regards the sexual eligibility of nubile young (and as regards most statutory ages of consent almost certainly too young) women is usually found in ‘if they’re old enough to bleed, they’re old enough to butcher’, I offer a list of synonyms. 385 more words


Release: "Present for you" by Miyabi

Shidou’s pretty cute. I like how she has a cool exterior, but becomes completely flustered when the walls come down.

Translator: freudia
Editor: Palaxius
QC: Dem, JBK, J, Megane_Fetish… 18 more words


Release: "My Incredibly Good Cousin" by Takano Yuki

My gosh, Haruka is pure sex. Incredibly good cousin, indeed.
The astute reader might notice that the shopping partner who Haruka mentions is Monaka-chan from… 38 more words


Release: "Summer Lie" + "Last Summer Lie"

It seems to be inspired by Homunculus’s “Girlfriend” (Renai Sample).
Warning: The sukumizu on page 1 is false advertisement.

The sixth chapter of Tomono Hiro’s tankoubon “Hoshigari Girlfriends – Wanting Girl Friends” (ほしがりガールフレンズ). 48 more words


Release: "Love Intercourse - First" by Shiokonbu

A 4-page full color prequel to Love Intercourse, which covers the first time Kazuha and Itsuki made love.

The second chapter from Shiokonbu’s tankoubon “Koimaguwai” (恋まぐわい). 26 more words