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Release: "How Obscene..." by Aino Chie

What happens when a hard M schoolgirl and a guy interested in only 2D women cross paths? Love.

Translator: Kitsunetsuki
Editor: Palaxius
Quality checkers: Cadenza, Ta-Aikah, freudia… 19 more words


Release: "The Look of Love" by MGMEE

A girl hangs around the senpai who she likes, but has a hard time looking him in the eyes.

Translator: Jungy
Editor: Palaxius
Quality checker: Kurosenai… 21 more words


Release: "Natsudere" by Maban

A strong, independent, tomboyish woman (with a nice ponytail and tanlines) becomes more feminine after she receives the D from her weakling childhood friend.

Chapter eight from Maban’s tankoubon “Hatsujou Lovers” (発情ラヴァーズ); originally published in Comic Tenma 2011-07. 33 more words


Release: "Wet" + "Infatuation" by Igumox

A bit of an odd situation, but the black and white portion is the first part of a two-part story, and the colored part is a sequel to them. 139 more words


Defloration – Anna Lukina – Losing of Virginity http://bit.ly/1dDGVPw

Nicky Satte – Defloration http://bit.ly/1dswTRd

Sindy White – Defloration (2009/Defloration/HD) http://bit.ly/1S6Phig