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Fix it or build it

Six Sigma is widely known for its ability to improve. The process, often coupled with Lean methodologies, uses a systematic approach to addressing issues within a company to arrive at a cleaner, better oiled machine. 132 more words



Bisexuality is defined as the romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior towards the gender binary of males and females.

This fits into one of the three main sexual orientations. 346 more words


In a world where sexuality is everywhere, we use it sell our our products, clothes and its apparent in media and film, being nonsexual is a concept many don’t understand. 147 more words


The sexual attraction or arousal by feet is called foot fetishism, podophilia, foot worship or foot partialism. This happens to be one of the most common sexual fetishes that have to do with no sexual body parts or objects. 175 more words


Tickling for some can be a total invasion of space and they hate to be tickled. For example my partner hates to be tickled, if I tickle him his whole mood changes. 305 more words

acuvue launch 2 new products

Two new products from Johnson & Johnson have added to their already extensive portfolio of contact lenses.

Both products are based upon the highly successful 1 Day Moist material… 252 more words