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One of the defense mechanisms people use, whether knowingly or not, is pessimism. You want to believe in yourself. But the impact of anything that could suggest otherwise appears too afflicting, not to mention it’s effect on your esteem. 79 more words


A New Way to Walk

Author | Jamie

We are all walking wounded. The enemy who attacks us has no honor. He attacks when we are vulnerable little children, planting lies he uses throughout our lives. 365 more words

Myth, defense, pattern of recognition

An author refers to “exploring myth as a cultural fountainhead, an eternal paradigm, a set of irreducible formal principles which rework themselves inexorably throughout the history of human thought and expression. 203 more words

Thought of the Day.

Each time it seems to get harder to let people in. As if my ability to trust, to care, to miss just shut down. It sometimes scares me how numb and detached I feel from others. 22 more words


Spring cleaning & Catholic guilt.

I spent the entire day on Sunday cleaning out everything, and drinking Irish Coffee. And I mean EVERYTHING. Partially inspired by Essentialism, partially inspired by… 532 more words

15 Common Ways to Deal with Pain - Defense Mechanisms

It is not about what you face. It is is how you response it. I would like to review you the common way to deal with pain through 3 different level of defense mechanisms which will tell you how mature you can pass various situations. 796 more words


What I Learned From Dating 53 People in 6 Months

Dating is a numbers game. Any seasoned dater will tell you that if you meet as many people as possible, you’re eventually going to meet someone you are compatible with. 1,352 more words