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Close Door

I’m good at it
Fate is good at it
So when will we learn how to reopen such heavy doors? 
When will we learn not to just peek but to push fully wide open? 84 more words


defenses gone awry

I had started consciously distancing myself from my self-destructive thoughts maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago? It was very much on purpose, in an effort to respond to stress differently and not land myself in the hospital. 693 more words


I have long held a theory about cats: for all their potential for grace, power, stealth, and general elegance, they sometimes genuinely do not have any control over their own bodies.   381 more words


Trusting people part two- who's to blame?

So a question I have always asked myself, and something that I wrestling with understanding on a DAILY basis is the blame game. Who’s to blame when something goes wrong? 506 more words

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Projection Magnet

Lately I am struggling with people’s point of view. I seem to be drawn in a spot that constantly buffles me. I started becoming ill in the inside and cannot seem to get out of it. 956 more words

All About Psychology

Defense Mechanism used by Children

HI guys

While working with the children in the children home and juvenile center, I observed numbers of Defense Mechanism used by Children. Most they used cursing. 18 more words

Group Work Practice Tips

Defensiveness, a Very Bad Habit that Destroys Communication

Defensiveness is a powerful way to reassure yourself. Everybody does it almost every day if they have relationships. Defensiveness is a knee jerk reaction that says… 426 more words