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Is shopping Your Defence Mechanism?

I don’t have to go over how much stress the modern life has, its repercussions, and what we, as a society are trying or not to do about it. 317 more words

Stress Management.

Do you think you are awesome...as a defense mechanism?

I recently came to a realization that in a lot of my pursuits I have been trying my best to do everything myself.
A few examples: 692 more words


Predators are a major cause of mortality for amphibian larvae. Many insects, lizards and fish prey on tadpoles. Fish are particularly efficient predators of larval amphibians and often cause local extirpations of species. 271 more words



I’m sure you’ve all heard or even used the phrase, “I’m saving that for best.” Isn’t it funny we take for granted that we won’t die today or tomorrow? 854 more words

Formality And Conformity

Reason #32

When a sperm whale has to go, that couldn’t possibly go unobserved…

Poonado is born!

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Final Zine

The direction that my zine went in is the result of my decision to continuously try to attain a zine that represents me as much as possible. 381 more words


Defensive Mechanisms

In an imperfect world, the defense mechanisms are our psychological painkillers used against anxiety and pain. Just as simple as that! There are many classifications and books available with descriptions of our defenses, but I will use a pragmatic outline below. 3,639 more words