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If a woman is free to show her body, is it not oppression to prevent a woman the freedom of covering her body?


I adore ...

Although I adore the curves of your body. I wonder about the depth of your thoughts. I’ve grown weary of searching for oceans inside puddles. I do not care how wavy you are. 16 more words

Story Over Coffee

While We're In The Mood...

In the car on the way to the gym, me and my big sister got talking. At first it was just casually about exams and just doing my best, but then it turned a bit into the actual logic behind school. 1,374 more words

Emotional Realisations

To Escape: A Poem/Excerpt

Note: This is an excerpt from a novel I have in the works, just parts of a few paragraphs reworked into a poem.

To Escape… 232 more words

Resident Writings

The Reflection

Being perfect isn’t perfect

It’s all a big lie

Your soul is slowly drowning

Gasping for it’s last breathe of sunlight

Ash fills inside it… 193 more words