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leave for good or not?

My husband asked me will we one day leave our country for good? mmmm……….. ah! that,.. is going to require some deep thought. 483 more words

The Box Mentality

In this day in age, everything is boxes. Our food comes in boxes, we watch boxes for fun, we live in box like structures, we use these nifty little boxes to communicate with each other ALL DAY and worst of all we learn in boxes. 545 more words


The Dip In The Rollercoaster

So this is more just me writing my thoughts rather than anything that actually happened. I don’t think I’ve really done that on here much before. 526 more words


What drives you to buy a headphone? What exactly is it that moves you? A short into my thought process when both asking and being asked this question.

A couple weeks ago my friends at Moon-Audio asked me “What moves me”? They posted a couple answers to choose from but none of them really hit the nail on the head as to what drives a purchase, so I picked transparency for it was the closest. 1,795 more words


The Stories of Us

In life, I’ve learned everyone has different story. Each person you pass by the street has a lesson they know better than most and it is probably one you could learn from. 312 more words


Other Worlds Me: High Thoughts

I’ve always wondered what the ‘other me’s are like. If there were parallel universes or such things, what would the other versions of me be like? 213 more words