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Ostara Altar

We had a cozy little snow day, so I decided to make up the Ostara altar for the coming holiday.

I opted to forgo the softer, traditional pastels this year and I used this more saturated palette of bolder hues.  114 more words


Day 5 {Make Madness} - Part 2 - Photo Collage

Day 5 – Photo Collage

Well, this project was a lot of fun, but also a huge challenge to choose photos.  I wanted to use all of them, but there isn’t a frame large enough.  157 more words


A notebook in need

Today was a remarkably good day off. I accomplished everything I planned on accomplishing, got a bit of rest and relaxation in, and had a generally fantastic day. 283 more words


Day 64 - Office Revamp: Carrot Pen Cozy

Hello Yearlings!

As I might have mentioned recently, the weather where I live has been literally terrible. There’s been nothing but cloud cover, rain and snow for days. 427 more words

365 Blog

Making a Home

Well, life has gotten in the way already. With working all the time, trying to find a house and helping my mom and dad move I haven’t had time for anything!

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Cupcakes anyone?

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes! And that’s kind of the same thing.


Who doesn’t like cupcakes? I love them!  They are they perfect size and come in all kinds of delicious flavours.  

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I'm wondering why these things are called "Quirky"??? H???mmm...

Personally, I would buy and use each and every one of these items!  Who doesn’t need a banana bowl for their apples? Or some messed up candlesticks?  115 more words