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please note I used the wrong heel

It hit me sometime last week I just might have misspelled the word “heel” in my last post. I kept forgetting to check though. Sure enough, tonight I looked and I did. 1,051 more words


Master Bedroom Update: A Promised Picture

A friend reminded me that I still owe a photo of our newly painted bedroom.

And she’s right.

The Great Paint and Curtain {In}Decision came with a promise for a photo the following week. 229 more words


Make the Most of Seasonal Marketing at your Three Square Market!

People love holidays! Along with traditionally celebrated holidays, people also love changing weather-patterns and seasons, sporting events and seasons, non-traditional holidays, festivals and fairs, and just about everything you could think of that we could turn into a celebration. 698 more words

Simplifying - creating a way to create.

“If your house is full of stuff, all the blessings that could fill your house can’t get in. The stuff takes over. It robs you psychologically. 1,069 more words

Door Pt 2 - Goodbye Window Sheer!

I got the second coat of Spar-Urethane on the door now it was time to deal with the window treatment.

The last owners had left a light blue push-on sheer that worked fine for privacy. 180 more words

Upcycling old ladders

We’ve always had a second hand shop down the end of our street.

Usually, the things set out on the footpath to attract people in were dressers missing drawers, old lawn mowers and other junky looking pieces. 611 more words


Fabric Washi Tape Haul

I protested/held off buying washi tape for as long as I could.  Now, in my opinion, I have a ton (although I do know people who have a lot more than me).   197 more words