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Wall to Wall

I think the best thing about my downsizing experience so far is that I’ve been able to have so much space in my room. My room is fairly large but before I downsized I had so much furniture that made my room feel so tight and cramped. 567 more words


The Great Thing Purge of May 2015.

I was walking around the house today and I started to get super agitated.  This happens often and is usually because:

1) I am covered to the elbows in poop with nary a baby wipe around. 967 more words

House Keeping

Soulful Sunday 24th May 2015

I feel better! Soulful Sunday has truly set me up for a great week and feeling inspired heading into Winter. I often feel out of sorts, lost and have no direction, when I feel like this I look around myself and I see what needs to be decluttered, how can I put some organisation back in my home, routine and life. 407 more words

Soulful Sunday

Packing and the End of the Semester in College Towns

The real reason I’m back in Oberlin (perhaps against my better judgement) is to see one of my close friends, Becca, graduate. Unfortunately, since I’ve gotten here, I’ve realized that such a magnanimous gesture of support is actually kind of a lot to deal with for someone who just finished their final finals (woo!) and then has to immediately pack up their apartment and vacate it in less than a week. 394 more words

All Day Manual Labor

I made breakfast fajitas and ate them so fast I forgot to take a photo, for the boys, I made French toast again because the kids love it. 119 more words

Figuring It Out...

Bucket Betide

I don’t know what betide means, or even if its a real word.  But  I don’t care.  I like the sound of it, so here it stays. 253 more words