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Creating a Simply Luxurious bedroom

Having spent the last few years decluttering and planning my bedroom, I have pinned a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. However when it comes to deciding on a scheme I am very indecisive. 459 more words


A Decluttering Manifesto: 6 Tips for Kicking Clutter to the Curb

It always starts the same way. You can’t open your drawers because they’re so stuffed with unopened mail and odds and ends that have no other place for. 1,181 more words

Simple Living & Minimalism

Green is good and other life lessons

I Walk the Line: five positive life principles I’ve adopted and embraced.

1. Seeing green is good

I read somewhere that psychologically just seeing greenery (grass, shrubs, trees etc.) lifts our moods and does us good emotionally as human beings. 504 more words

A Deliberate Life

Clean it up.

I was more productive this weekend than I probably will be all week. Not that I don’t work – I do, and quite hard. But you see, I don’t always feel like sitting behind a computer screen or on conference calls is all that productive when it comes to my actual life. 215 more words

The Life Changing Magic of Stashbusting

I recognize that writing a blog post belies my struggles with decluttering. Why am I at the computer and not elbow-deep in stash? Well I didn’t accumulate the stash in one day, so this isn’t going to be easy. 523 more words



In which I dive into the magic of a tidy house, and take my declutter effort to the next level. Stay tuned!

Discardia season

Since the last blog two things have happened that are important in this Project Discardia effort that I am undertaking. 652 more words


Opening the Door

Handy as your re-purposed refrigerator might be, heart-warming and comforting as that pastiche of schedules and memorabilia tacked to the fridge-front surely is, for most people, it’s what’s inside that counts. 1,171 more words