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Spring is sprung, the grass is riz......

Spring is officially here and as the daffodils bloom so the sun starts to shine and show up all the dust on all that stuff that you keep meaning to decluttter.  803 more words


Stuff & Clutter: Week 11 Recap

Week 11 is where I have slowed down. I definitely fell short of the weekly targets I’ve been able to maintain. Why, you might ask? My time this week was not my own in the way it typically is. 264 more words


Stuff & Clutter: Week 10 Recap

10 weeks down of this project down and still going strong. Wow. I expected the pace to drop off before now but I’m still finding stuff to shed. 264 more words


Stuff & Clutter: Week 9 Recap

Week 9 is now in the past and it’s another week on target for the project. This weekend brought some 45 degree weather (maybe higher, the highest I saw on my phone was 45). 152 more words


the wardrobe declutter

I am hosting a clothes swap party/brunch with some girlfriends next Sunday. The idea is to exchange clothing and accessories that we no longer wear (or have never worn) for someone else’s barely-worn (or never-worn) items.   548 more words


Stuff & Clutter: Week 8 Recap

Exceeded the target this week thanks to Jess’ large contribution. This week marks a couple of notable items departing. One is my original XBOX. Well, actually it was my second XBOX but that’s just being technical. 115 more words


Time to get rid of stuff!

I am a singer-songwriter who travels all over the U.S. performing folk music.  One of my weaknesses as a traveler is collecting “things.”  I particularly love vintage clothes, fabric, books and anything that I see can be made into something new and lovely.   1,440 more words