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New Mexico's declining middle class

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Stateline, a project of the Pew Charitable Trusts, put together a neat (albeit sobering) infographic this week analyzing how much the middle class is shrinking in each state.

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Spring undergraduate enrollment declines again at CMU, despite more freshmen

By John Irwin

Undergraduate enrollment at Central Michigan University declined for the fourth consecutive spring semester, a new enrollment report shows.

This semester, 16,232 undergraduate students are enrolled at CMU, a decline of 75 students (or 0.5 percent) from last spring. 371 more words


Melissa Pandika, OZY - "Has the sun set on Sunday school?" | USA Today

(It’s not just the resistance to religious superiority and the moral problems… – Bob)

“Yet it’s worth noting that the reason MacNeil’s kids don’t attend Sunday school is lack of time. 126 more words

The Dying Church

Have you ever known someone who tried to get better while continuing to do the very thing that made them sick in the first place? I knew a man some time back that illustrated this perfectly. 1,557 more words


Pepsi and Coke battle for the lead among losers

Still cranking out profits from carbonated water and sugar

Americans bought less soda for the 10th straight year in 2014…An annual report by the industry tracker Beverage Digest found that overall soda volume slipped 0.9% last year, moderating from the decline of 3% the previous year.

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2014 Continues a 35-Year Trend of Broad-Based Wage Stagnation Thanks to Income Redistribution Scams Falsely Marketed as Free Trade Treaties | Economic Policy Institute

“Last year was yet another year of poor wage growth for American workers. With few exceptions, real (inflation-adjusted) hourly wages fell or stagnated for workers across the wage spectrum between 2013 and 2014—even for those with a bachelor’s or advanced degree.” 714 more words