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Step 3 - The Decision

Step 3 – The Decision

As I began working through The Big Book, and The Steps, with my sponsor, he kept asking me through the first three chapters if this was my experience as an alcoholic. 267 more words

My 12 Step Recovery

Critical skills for today’s professionals

A wise person once said, “Ignorance is bliss”, however in today’s competitive world What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You. I will give you a few things to muse over. 380 more words

Life's Lessons

Advice for Incoming College Students

To commemorate the fact that everyone making college decisions over the next few weeks, I decided to pass along some advice on what’s really important when making a decision about which college to attend after high school. 499 more words


the decider

I woke up with the lights on, from a dreamless sleep.

I made a point of reading one of these SRS papers every night.  You kind of get used to it.  300 more words

General Stuff

#162MC : Script Decision & Pre Production

Now that everyone has submitted their scripts, us a group decided to put them all in one location and all agree on who’s script we are going to use to create this short film for 162MC, with a maxed out group of six, everyone decided that the script we will use would be  238 more words


Negotiating Law School Scholarships

Negotiating scholarships can be quite an intimidating process. I had no idea that this was even in option untill well into my application cycle. Not only is it possible, but it’s actually pretty common! 451 more words


growth, and worry not

Stretched my mind a bit. I was pondering the belief that there are infinite realities. If every decision we make has only 2 choices (usually there isn’t just 2 choices, but follow me here), then each time our realities would exponentially increase. 1,055 more words