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Our 3 Different Selves and Why They Make it Hard for Us to Make Decisions

It has become apparent to me that many of us have a hard time making important life-changing decisions. Take your career for example. There’s so much pressure on us from an early age to decide what we want to do. 1,299 more words



The Back-Story

I had every intention of going directly into university right after high-school. I had applied to UBC and four other schools in Eastern Canada ( 629 more words


Why study abroad? A personal decision

Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re not completely sure whether or not you’re ready to go abroad. I didn’t make my decision until a week before the application was due (not something I would recommend by the way). 574 more words

British International School


We are mostly affected by the choices we make. The effect depends on the type of choice we make-either good or bad. Silence is one of those bad choices people make. 165 more words


The scientific method of everything

When working on a project or a new strategy, we always find difficult to find the right methodology to start or even the way to make the 1st step towards achievement. 668 more words


Asking for directions and still getting lost

The easiest way to get really lost, is to stop and ask more than one person for directions. Most people have a GPS that tells them exactly where to go. 326 more words

Angry with the World

“I’m screamin’ on the top of the world

Can you hear me?
I am screamin’ from the top of the world
Can you hear me? 467 more words