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I See Muda, Mura and Muri Everywhere

I learnt about an interesting concept in an unusual situation. Over the weekend, I was waiting in the check-out line in Costco (a local wholesale warehouse / store) with only couple of items bought to ring through the cash registers. 778 more words

Decision Making

Finding the right roofing company in Dallas with high BBB ratings.

Everyday, you observe every part of your dwelling. You observe your garden as you walk towards the front door. A person looks at your floor and walls once you enter. 738 more words

Believing you're in chaos can become a self-fullfilling prophesy

One of my new favorite things to do is facilitating Cynefin 101 workshops within my corporate clients.  It allows me to be quite provocative and disruptive (which I’ve started enjoying of late), and I love seeing “the lights come on” when people get it.   609 more words

Complexity And Adaptive Leadership

Six Ways to Improve Decision-making

Critical thinking is a significant skill frequently used in daily life. Whether you’re considering a new career opportunity or purchasing a new home, here are six ways to immensely enhance your brain’s overall performance and improve your decision-making ability. 585 more words


10 Maxims for Impact and Effectiveness: 5. Try the Coat On For Size

Here’s number 5 in a series of ten maxims I find myself repeating often. 

You don’t really know if that new Burberry is the right coat for you until you’ve tried it on… 372 more words


Entrepreneurs and the power of Now

It is true that there is no momentum in life if there is no motion. And any motion that may exist in your life is because of the actions you take on daily basis. 200 more words

Decision Making

We Limit Ourselves

A TV series that ran in the late 1960s followed the travails of a baffled man who found himself in a village. It was a happy place. 349 more words