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Not Normal

I have to remind myself consistently that there is NOT any normalcy to life.

There are many ways to live the everyday. Ways that are exciting and fulfilling. 200 more words

Don't Fear Taking On New Risks

Everyone has a certain level of comfort with risk…some people thrive off of taking risks (which can sometimes be of the extreme death-defying sort) others need to analyze things just a little longer. 499 more words

Choice architecture

The only thing worse than never having a choice is always having to choose

Choice can be a mixed blessing – as you know if you’ve ever spent an evening browsing hundreds of titles on Netflix only to repair despondently to bed without watching a movie. 81 more words

Behavioral Economics


Past, present and future: We learn things from past, act in the preset to build the future. Have our educational experts-if any real ones exists now-put some thoughts to let the new coming generations to learn the basic requirements which helped man to build the world and would help to keep it alive and ahead? 272 more words

Freedom of Thoughts

What does the word freedom mean? A world without restrictions and rules? This perhaps was the idea we knew. This idea can be true when all the inhabitants are good-hearted, wise and matured. 319 more words

Every Choice Can Be Smart. (Day 9)

Welcome to Day 9!

As discussed yesterday, today and in the coming days, we will be discussing about every aspect of S-M-A-R-T- Choices. And today we see “Stretch more than you can reach” in detail. 807 more words


4 Tips to Help Teens Listen to Their Conscience and Stick to Their Values

Parents and teachers, your teens and students are facing tough decisions every single day, and their choices are only going to get more difficult. Where should they go to college? 690 more words