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I guess I just kind of want to ramble on this blog post. I’m stressed about my exams that are a week from today, I’m stressed about my future and about paying for it, I’m upset that my best friend is becoming estranged because of my actions after getting a dog, and I’m excited for another best friend that got into the colleges of his dreams and has his whole life ahead of him. 511 more words

Best Friend

Ben the Blogger

Reposted article by David Stockman responding to Ben Bernanke’s first blog. I hope Ben’s baseball commentary is more insightful.

Central Banking Refuted In One Blog—–Thanks Ben! 153 more words

News Article

Remember the last time people got paid to borrow money? It didn’t end well.

From Sovereign Man, by Simon Black, Mar 2015

Yesterday morning, CNBC Asia’s anchorman Martin Soong cradled a young, hairy-nosed wombat named Billi on live television. 352 more words


CTC tips: debt manager and net worth tracker

Have you ever driven somewhere you’ve never been before? If you have, you likely used directions, a map, a GPS, or some other kind of tool to guide you to your destination. 311 more words

Personal Finance

How My Lifestyle Allows me to Aggressively Pay off Debt

Since the beginning of the year, I have been floored and very grateful at the progress I have been able to make on my loans. Starting the year with $13,000 meant that it was going to be a long year of hard work. 637 more words


Exclusive: Matti Vanhanen expresses his worries concerning Russia and presents the Centre Party plans to deal with the economic situation, the administrative structural reforms and the environment

(Article: Alain Lefebvre)

Matti Vanhanen is back into politics. He has been prime Minister for 7 years, from 2003 to 2010, Chairman of the Centre Party (Keskusta) and also in 2006 President of the European Council. 1,355 more words


Dealing with Student Loan Debt

I read an article today that talked about how college students are protesting against their student loans. While this article talked about a unique situation in regards to these students. 551 more words