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Debit. Day 36 of Lent. Spiritual Accounting 101.

Debit. Day 36 of Lent. Spiritual Accounting 101.

Debit is a bookkeeping term for the recording or an entry of debt in an account.

To understand its spiritual significance we first have to understand sin’s definition. 658 more words



This is a shot of my left hand.  The dogs are there mostly because when I tried to take a shot without them they walked into it. 144 more words


3 examples when Digital Payments failed. What can they learn from store cards?

1. BebaPay

BebaPay was Google’s attempt to introduce digital payments to Kenya. BebaPay was a prepaid card powered by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It was first introduced to the transport system with the view to extend to shops and small businesses. 426 more words


If I were Dictator of the World: Part 4

To put the problem bluntly, banks and our financial systems are a problem that needs a stern hand.  There are three different three different banks: a central bank of a sovereign country, one that should monitor interest rates, deposits by other banks, and administer loans for government projects – federal, state, and local; investment banks, these provide the credit system for private borrowing by corporations and various proprietor concerns; and the public bank that provides a multitude of services for the general public.   1,314 more words


Learn The Facts About Those Credit Cards That Banks Issue

When you open your wallet to pay for gas, your choices are usually cash, debit, or credit. Cash means running inside the store, and waiting in line. 318 more words


Use your smart phone to accept Debit payments from customers!!!

It was early January. I was frustrated with my merchant fees from my mobile processing application and still couldn’t accept debit. With all this technology there has to be a better way to accept payments from my clients. 464 more words


Best way to get cash from credit cards

We all go through financial troubles sometime in life. Most of the bachelors in India who have gone through the pain of lack of cash at the end of the month. 196 more words