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He had just gotten in the shower. I was hovering over the bed, his still-warm slacks in one hand and his crisply ironed polo in the other. 508 more words

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Choosing the Best Essential Oil Company- Is it Worth the Huge Debate?

Before I had my own blog I had the opportunity to guest blog over at Pani Ulrichova. Many thanks for the opportunity dear Kate! Although I have seen some improvement on this topic since then, I find that it is still relevant and now that I have my own blog I wanted to share this post with my readers. 958 more words



The sheer number of current and likely Republican candidates for President in 2016 is testing the boundaries of how the candidate selection process should work.  … 693 more words


Harper mounts fierce defence of muscular foreign policy

Harper mounts fierce defence of muscular foreign policy | Akin | Columnists | Op.

THIS is the debate I want to see.  Harper’s domestic policy can be argued, but his foreign policy has been horrible.   373 more words


Where is the Injeel

This article is in response to my debate with Christians.

Muslims believe in the original revealed words given to Moses and Jesus (pbut). The books are Torah and Injeel among others. 3,660 more words


Voters can use Talking Points too

When a candidate (or her canvasser) shows up at your door, or when you get an opportunity to chat at the local Canada Day celebration, or maybe at a Fund Raiser, or on social media, or at the debates, isn’t it high time we start letting them know what is really important to us?   442 more words


Harper proving weak on governance, even weaker on courage


When you think about it, Harper has never really wanted to talk with anyone other than the country’s corporate elites — and then really only a few resource peddlers.

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