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The Fluctuating Game Demographic (変動ゲーム人口統計学の波)

おい, 読者. (Hey, readers. )

Today I want to talk about a topic that I haven’t seen being talked about very often,  but is still important enough to mention-whom are video games for? 1,301 more words

Meditation 2b: Breaking Down the Barrier Between Apologetics and Evangelism (Practical Methods)

In the previous meditation, we discussed the unnecessary separation between apologetics and evangelism. We also talked about how we need to train ourselves if we want to engage the modern world. 417 more words

Hindu Muslim dharm and question answer

डॉ सुनील यादव के सवाल जो हर एक को निरुत्तर कर दें..
ये ऐसे सवाल है जो बहुत हि सोचने लायक है। जैसे कि –


Series A Struggles

John creates a group ‘Series A’ struggles group and finds a huge list of startups enrolled..

Lisa who is having a reasonably good startup ‘Fairy tales’ looks at the huge crowd and raises question to John… 361 more words

Mesh Head Debate

As the debate between mesh lovers and mesh haters continues, the newest topic seems to be the mesh head.

As I’ve stated before, I am not a huge fan of mesh heads. 687 more words

Second Life

Watch your Tongue

I recently read a comment by a liberal that said “The worst part is that he ended the debate civilly instead of being petty like other Republicans.” … 128 more words


Getting it wrong on twitter...

This whole blog post stems from a few tweets that came up on my twitter timeline; a few people I follow shared tweets about a blogger who paid for an… 625 more words