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Don't Shoot

Utah has decided to bring back the firing squad. This decision was motivated by a shortage of lethal injection drugs, whose European manufacturers refuse to sell… 443 more words

Criminal Justice System

To Live or To Die?

When I first learned that two Australian men were on death row in Indonesia, my first thought was “Get them out of there!”. When I learned what they had been trying to do, my first thought was “Imagine what could have happened if those drugs had reached Australia! 456 more words

Bali 9

Death penalty to rapists? YES OR NO

India after 68 years of independence though has achieved economic political and social progress but has constantly forgotten it’s cultural values is what it can be believed. 170 more words

Half Baked Beans

Prosecutors to seek death penalty for man charged with throwing daughter off Tampa Bay bridge.

Prosecutors to seek death penalty for man charged with throwing daughter off Tampa Bay bridge

Prosecutors in the John Jonchuck case say they will seek the death penalty if he ever faces trial in his daughter’s death. 87 more words

The Death Penalty.

Peruta En Banc


Harry Reid, the most evil man in the world, teases us with his announcement that he is NOT quitting for another 22 months. The Peruta decision… 98 more words

Bowe Bergdahl

This is a serious subject, but we need to face it head-on (updated).

This blog entry began as a simple poll. A referendum on whether we, as Americans, are willing to back our words with actions.

Approximately twenty-fours after its posting, a total of two people—excluding myself—have deigned to vote… 362 more words

Capital Punishment

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