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Opinion: It's important to have a mandate, to make your dying wishes known

The other day I asked my 95-year-old father whether he had made any plans for the future.

“Plans? For the future?”

“Yes,” I said. “Plans. Like a living will, or a power of attorney ( 582 more words


On death and dying

I read a blog post “a little bit of death” and I decided that I would have to have my say.

#Warning for those sensitive souls. 1,799 more words


Remembering the Footprints You Left Behind

Each of us leave footprints on our journey through this life. Often, as the sound of a train in the darkness of midnight, we pass by. 51 more words


Conversations with Parents, Romanticised Eulogies, and Talking About Stillbirth

This pop-up was requested by four psychotherapists, three of whom were about to enter their final year of training.

What a delightfully enthusiastic group. The trainees came with paper and pen, ready to take notes, but these were soon cast aside as they opened up to their own personal experiences of death and dying. 1,103 more words

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Welcome. My name is Melissa Forgey, author of True Empathy. I’m so happy to have you as a visitor to my blog about my new book. 125 more words


The Three Funerals

“death is something that always has to be enclosed
by an elaborate set of explanations. It is an ancient litigation,
this turning of horror into stories, and it is a lonely piece of work, 753 more words

Good And Evil

Harvey Chochinov: With too few Canadians having access to palliative care, little wonder we're afraid of dying

I like Steven Fletcher. Our brief encounters, typically in airports or the occasional public event, are always friendly and cordial. It is hard not to admire him. 866 more words

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