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Dear Diary,

Time. That ‘thing’ on the wall, on our hand and in our minds ticking every day, every moment. That defines our way of life each day. 577 more words

Dear Diary

Crunchy Crunchy Numbers

This week has been all about budgeting. How much money do I actually have versus the cost of sky high aspirations. Turns out there’s a gap between the two. 290 more words

Dear Diary

weekend warrior (part two)

Welcome back to my recount of my weekend, which is actually in the future from when you’re reading this. It is currently Sunday the 28th and I am very excited to report that, much like God RR Martin himself, I may have to disappoint you and push back the remainder of this month’s blogging challenge. 625 more words

Her Diary: An Excerpt

Coffee In The Morning

“Pillow talk turns into sweet dreams, sweet dreams turn into coffee in the morning.” (Miguel)

It was the hottest day of the year thus far and your bedroom felt like a sauna, sheets heavy and sticky. 290 more words



I rarely follow sports. In fact, I’m usually very against them to the point of being bored to tears and in disbelief that the players are earning so much money for producing such pointless entertainment. 238 more words

Dear Diary


  This morning I am sitting in an empty waiting room while the mechanics are inspecting my car. Every year this task must be completed and many like myself wait until the last minute to get it done. 201 more words


weekend warrior (part one)

It’s currently the 28th of June, so I am cutting it mighty fine, to only be up to the 15th. Oh boy. It’s going to take a mammoth effort from me over the next three days. 455 more words