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But I'm A Placekicker!

Hey Journal.

I know I’ve been distant, but between my janitor job at The Dairy Queen and my promotion to Lead Tire Shiner at the Super Suds I haven’t had time to sit and think. 181 more words

Ferry Man

I have always had a strange outlook on death. I wouldn’t call it some kind of morbid fascination, it’s not like death ‘gets me off’, I just have a respect for it. 804 more words

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

I have a problem.

No really, I do. You might think it’s silly. But that’s only because it’s not a problem for you.

I’ve spent entirely too much time being serious. 335 more words

Dear Diary


My stomach is in knots. I think it’s in a good way, an excited way, but there’s a whole fuck load of nerves in there too. 842 more words

Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Self learning

If you’ve ever heard of the saying ” Learn from your mistakes” or “Everything happens for a reason” it’s definitely a really good way to live by, well for me at least. 414 more words


I’ve been in a lot of messed up complicated situations and at some point I told myself I wouldn’t go through it again but here I am getting myself into another effed up situation. 80 more words