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2182. Dating in Mid-life — Part D6: More Tips for Interacting

This series is ending, but I offer a few miscellaneous tips.

  1. Females fish with full disclosure, as if males appreciate it as much as women do.
  2. 752 more words
Dear Daughter

2181. Dating in Mid-life — Part D5: What To Bring to the Dance

NOTE: Before we start here, I caution you. When you finish reading this post, you will be angry or at least disappointed with me. So, I owe explanation before you verbally bop me on the head. 1,258 more words

Dear Daughter

Getting my piece published

What a wild week this has been. I’m definitely not a full time writer or blogger. I use this space mostly to practice writing little dabs here and there for the web – it’s like my professional development page. 97 more words


2180. Dating in Mid-life — Part D4: He Walks Himself to the Altar

You’ve read much of this before, but a summary is appropriate. The male heart is programmed to work through the following steps so smoothly that they can’t be identified as individual steps. 587 more words

Dear Daughter

2179. Dating in Mid-life — Part D3: Those with Whom You Deal

You’ve read it before, but admittedly what follows is more ideally described than what realistically happens in the real world. By focusing on what people inherit at birth, however, you can produce better results than in the past. 539 more words

Dear Daughter

2178. Dating in Mid-life — Part D2: You All Differ

In the realm of describing men to you, we start with how you differ. Let it shape your thinking as we later move into describing how to interact with men. 779 more words

Dear Daughter

2177. Dating in Mid-life — Part D1: Intro to Men: Duty vs. Sex

Duty motivates men much as love motivates women.

Women aren’t aware. Men attach themselves to responsibility out of which flows duty. Fulfilling duty is satisfying and he expects no recognition or reward except that which originates within himself. 507 more words

Dear Daughter