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Motherhood; and the parenting community

This morning I have read three articles on the same topic. One made me want to cry,.  After some reflection I want to cry for her….   344 more words

First Time Parents

Lux - 2 Years Old

My littlest little turned 2 in December. I was really excited for this birthday but in general I tend to have mixed feelings every time one of the girls has a birthday. 899 more words

Dear Daughter 

Dear Daughter,

Forgive me

I apologize

For thinking my brokenness wouldn’t show through

For thinking I could hide it and it wouldn’t trickle down and fall on you… 132 more words

2144. Your Men Like That?

Ladies, are the boys and men in your life, past and present, like they claim of themselves as listed in Manly Claims from Birth? It’s shown near blog top on home page. 100 more words

Dear Daughter

2143. Attention, Ladies

I finished the male counterpart of Female Blessings at Birth. New title: Manly Claims from Birth. It’s posted in the navigational menu at blog top. 6 more words

Dear Daughter

2142. Motherhood and Jobs

A favorite author wrote something last year that is very worthy of being republished each year. So, I recommend it to you ladies.

Read the following but don’t thank me. 54 more words

Dear Daughter

2140. Favored Quotes—Collection 42

“Men just cannot resist a woman who loves and respects men.”

“Royalty is given, not taken. I don’t need him to understand me. Just respect me. 242 more words

Dear Daughter