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I am mad.

I am mad. FUCKING MAD!
Why her? Why? It seems so unfair! We had just got so close! Is that why?! Is it? She had finally squelched my desire for a mother figure! 163 more words

The Art and Science of Failure, my failure.

So After recently reading an incredibly inspiring post, I have been inspired today to write about the terror I face with the word failure and all of the behaviour that is encompasses. 443 more words

Coping with the pain

My last post was written at a difficult time for me emotionally and the support from you all helped so much. I spoke with my mother and we resolved our argument and ended the night with laughs and the usual “I love you.” Thank you so much for your support and love. 864 more words


When Pieces of our Heart Fly to Heaven

It took me 28 years to figure this out. I had to make sense of it all. This ache I feel, the emptiness, it has to be explained! 248 more words


Journal: Removing Reminders

Today I wanted to discuss something that some people may not think about. Maybe I am alone in my crazy way of doing things. I hope some understand. 423 more words


Time to get uncomfortable Ladies and Gentlemen

All right ladies, it is time to talk about that annoying bitch of a woman who takes over our bodies for a week at a time every month. 699 more words


Displaying negative emotions.

Being an expressive person comes with a cost. It drains you. Mentally and emotionally. At first when you reflect that anger in you towards the universe it might feel good, but once u stop to think about it, the high subsides and all you are left with is just dissapoinment. 236 more words