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The Nothing and Emptiness

Today I missed Partial because NSLM and I had eye appointments and I wasn’t gonna reschedule them-again.  So I got to spend time with my son-who is growing into a fine young man and I am so very proud of him.   1,302 more words


Dealing With My Boyfriend's Ptsd While Dealing With My Own

Hello, I am here looking for support and advice for my PTSD as well as how to deal with my boyfriend s PTSD. I know I am faced with a difficult task in just dealing with one, but I want to make this relationship work. 13 more words

You snuck across my way
By the sounds on the line
Struck up a conversation.

Specs of a moment, day, entirety
Snakes seem to be trying to cover me… 77 more words

Loud Thinking ....

Dealing With A Narcissist (successfully?)

I got my final discharge letter in the mail and I have successfully completed my 3 year monitoring period for the discharge of my federal (US) student loans, so now they are all officially GONE! 73 more words

Dealing With A Narcissist (successfully?)

It s amazing how often “narcissists” get brought up around here! To be clear, neither my mother nor my brother have an official diagnosis. That s not uncommon with narcissists, as I understand it. 67 more words

Something New

So Monkey started weeding the raised garden bed and I went to join her.  She became easily distracted, as an 8-year-old does by worms, so I naturally finished.   367 more words


The Face of Strength

“But, if…” she begins.

“Don’t think about ‘what ifs’. You’ll just drive yourself crazy,” he interrupts.

A man’s unflinching stare in the face of a challenging situation provides immediate calm and some comfort. 89 more words