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Happiness is an Inside Job

Never look to people or material things to make you happy. Learn to be happy and content within yourself. The moment you can love yourself and be happy with yourself, everything should fall into place. 9 more words


Interview with someone suffering with Depression

This is an interview with someone who suffers from diagnosed depression. I hope it will be useful for any of you wishing to learn about depression or how to deal with it yourselves. 715 more words



I have a really hard time dealing with rejection, and I know that s stupid but I can t seem to get past it. I had started a relationship with a guy I really liked recently, suddenly had so much hope for the future. 63 more words

Useful Pointer You Can Make use of For Dealing With Carpeting Cleaning Business

You must consider your carpets as a financial investment. It is very important to vacuum your carpeting regularly and clean stains thoroughly, however you will eventually require the help of a professional. 142 more words

Did I Mention How Much I Hate Roller Coasters?

My Cancer Playlist

I used to fancy myself adventurous. It was self-deceptive but it felt good to think that I was someone who took risks on a whim.  1,227 more words


Good Old Days

I’m sure you have all noticed Facebook’s “Time Hop” feature which shows you what you posted on that date in years prior. Sometimes I see the post have a quick smile over that time in my life as I reminisce over what I was doing. 231 more words