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Enema dirty talk

I dreaded writing this but my last enema post had so many questions….so shall we?  I am not a Doctor however my Daddy plays one handsome “Sir Doctor” in real life.   994 more words


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My friend Darling's post goes hand in hand with my post today.... If you don't already follow her and her Sir, please check them out.

Dedicated to Cinnamon and Hunter - Finding Love

Once in awhile, you need to reach out and grab hold of that missing piece.

You never know, that piece you find just might be the one thing… 26 more words

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My heart is so full tonight. <3

Cleaning out the pipes

It’s taken me days to work up to this post. I am a sex blogger, and yet I find myself embarrassed to talk about a bodily function. 483 more words



Daddy came for a visit yesterday!

It has been a long couple of months of busy, conflicting schedules and limited conversation in general between Daddy and me. 593 more words


Confused and looking for advice

I have survived my whole life by never really relying on anyone else. I get by on my wits and the fact I never give up. 822 more words


As world leaders debate Beijing equality, five Chinese feminists remain behind bars

The five young women who were arrested by Chinese police ahead of International Women’s Day have now been missing for more than one week. Criminally detained on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles,” the police have so far refused to reveal further information. 514 more words

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As a woman in the US, I am free to think, speak and act as I wish. These women were arrested simply for speaking up against sexual harassment. Please read this and pass on. They spoke for women..... Let us speak for them. Consider signing the petition or the postcard campaign.

Thinking of you D💗ddy 

D💗ddy I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you❤️

Now and Forever ❤️ Hayven