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My Little One, Part 02.

By the time Friday comes around, I am more than ready to meet Lauren. We have been constantly emailing each other and she is the perfect combination of cute and sexy. 964 more words

Creative Writing

my submission to my Daddy

Submission is my love language, because a good girl is what I am down to my very core.
I am submissive out of love for my Daddy, submissive because it is how I show him my feelings of respect and adoration. 786 more words

I Can Kill...

Lyrics from an Emilie Autumn(who is wicked btw) song. Speaks for themeselves. This verse really hits home for me. And right now I am fighting for the love of all my lifetimes.

~♥Daddy’s Kitten♥~

Stuffy Collection - Update

As a little it’s part of the appeal to collect cute plushies and stuffies to play with, and I buy many of my stuffies when during the holidays and at garage/rummage sales. 318 more words


The Tattoo...

This is a tattoo that Daddy and I designed together. This tattoo says everything that our lifestyle choices mean to us.

Owned and Loved
It is not my neck…

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Little Adventures in Hungary

For the duration of the summer, I’ll be living with Daddy in Hungary. Each week I’ll be sharing some of my adventures and finds while I go around town with Him. 294 more words


Some crave pain, others crave blushes.

So Daddy outlined my punishment for the lapse in journal entries, as well as laid out a blush worthy and frustrating curriculum for the next couple of days. 449 more words