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30 days challenge - Day 14

What would be your perfect little day out?

I absolutely LOVE going shopping. So my favorite little day out would include going on a shopping trip, maybe the movies, a delicious dinner (preferably something oriental), and then a wonderful night in with movies, video games. 8 more words


An interesting thought

I’ll admit it. I’m a Fet Life snob.

Most of the time I don’t really think Fet is of value these days. It feels like it is becoming more and more of a cesspool of people at their lowest levels. 430 more words


Now you follow me... Now you don't.... Thanks FB

Many of you probably realize that Facebook is on a quest to clean up accounts with fake names. It has something to do with advertising…..it’s been explained to me…. 137 more words


30 days challenge - Day 13

Is your little side sexual? Why or why not?

As a very sexual human being outside of my littlespace, I am very much a sexual little. 76 more words


His Princess not Queen

There she stands; hands on hip, bottom lip jutted out perfectly, hips tilted, hour glass figure defined, and then the pause.  The look.  All is silent as she lifts her right hand in the form of a question BUT she will answer it for you.   401 more words


Being a happy owned submissive girl

While my D💗ddy and I do not have the luxury of living together yet, I know one day we will. My D💗ddy and I try to make the best of the time we do get to have together whether it is going to the movies, going to the park, visiting a museum, going out to play pool, just relaxing at home or watching porn together. 189 more words


30 days challenge - Day 12.

Do you have rules and punishments? If so, what are they?

Since Daddy and I don’t really participate in the TPE-nature of punishment/rule driven relationships, I don’t have anything like that. 80 more words