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Okay I just have to do a little rant today!

Back when I was a young lad in college, I was lucky enough to attend a leadership conference at that wonderful Catholic university known for its Golden Dome. 449 more words

Dirty Gaping Holes

I had told you all day how I desired to use your body for my pleasure. I told you how I wanted to spread you out on the bed, your body open and vulnerable.

488 more words

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadian wordpressers! Hope you had a good day! Mine was busy and fun and even included some quality time with Daddy!


The Top Ten Reasons The Cock Shot Was Invented!

What is the internet fascination with guys showing their cocks as avatars/profile picture?

So it got me thinking as to why this might be happening: 248 more words

This Is So Me

This is so me!

But I’m wondering, when someone says a penny for my thoughts, are my inappropriate ones that are worth the penny or are they the more expensive ones?

I Love To Show Her Off...

I love to show off my girl in public.  Now this lass is not my girl, although I would be very proud of her if she was.  26 more words

I'm A Gentleman But...

Let’s face it, the number of men who are gentlemen is rapidly declining.  I’m sure there are many reasons for this but that isn’t what I’m jotting down this overcast morning. 487 more words