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Yes, Your Nipples Are Normal

Most of us have wondered, at one time or another, if our nipples are a little weird. Cristen Conger from Stuff Mom Never Told You recently addressed the most common concerns people have about their nipples. 75 more words

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A quick tip for winter hair woes

I picked this up because I needed something to stave off the horrors of winter hair and to try to repair the damage I’ve already got. 141 more words

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Winter Wardrobe Roundup Part III

Starting with my favorite sweater of all time:

A Kiss of Cashmere

Reversible Top

Overall Rating

Fit Rating:  True To Size

I love the rich new colors for this year (I’ve already got the Black Orchid and Pale Plum, and they’re stunning). 471 more words

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Hilarious Photoshop Fail

The Franato Women’s Firm Tummy Waist Control Shaping Tank Top Vest wins the award for most absurd product image on Amazon for the day. Not just for the hilarity of an uber-thin model wearing a body shaper that’s doing the opposite of sculpting her into a more feminine form, but also for the grotesque display of thigh gap that proves that either a) someone went crazy with Photoshop or b) Franato uses non-human models. 10 more words

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