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day 10

day 10: your guilty pleasure(s)

1. disney channel original movies. not the new ones. the old ones. they were SO good.

2. toontown rewritten (i think most people that actually play it now are my age anyways lol) 27 more words


ICYMI: Diving Back Into DCOMs

Let’s revisit the movie that proved that being in a corny Disney movie doesn’t mean your career is dead – you still have a chance to become a star player on Saturday Night Live and marry Robin Scherbatsky (and not divorce her). 1,162 more words
ICYMI: The Best Of Posts You Might Have Missed

#FBF: Stuck in the Suburbs

Last month, I revisited The Color of Friendship, a groundbreaking, Emmy award-winning Disney Channel Original Movie about racism both during Apartheid in South Africa and here in the U.S. 1,332 more words


Top 5 Favorite DCOM Movies

I’ve been on a nostalgia kick lately and I’ve been thinking about how much I loved the Disney Channel back in the day. The shows/movies really were so much better back then. 558 more words


Automating DCOM ACL with PowerShell

Sometimes you need to set explicit permissions on DCOM objects. You can do this using dcomcnfg.exe. With dcomcnfg.exe you can set permissions on all DCOM objects on a computer. 372 more words


Day 7

The seventh day is the day of rest. That’s my excuse for sleeping through my 8am (sorry Doc!).

I have a seven page paper to write, research synthesis to do for a different paper, and a seven minute speech to memorize. 424 more words

#TBT: 50 Shades of The Color of Friendship

On this #ThrowbackThursday, we’re bringing you a movie that made its debut 15 years ago last month. The Color of Friendship was a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM for short, obvs), when the first life of DCOMs were at its peak, years before High School Musical would reclaim the lives of tweens everywhere on Friday nights. 1,489 more words