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Riverhillsoft Complete Collection

Riverhillsoft was a small Japanese developer that had some success in early survival horror games most notably the Overboard series.

I confess to not have played the two World Neverland games but enjoyed Vermilion Desert quite a bit. 106 more words


D3 Publishing Complete Collection

D3 Publishing are a budget game publisher who’ve had a few titles develop into franchises. Most prolific on the Playstation they still released four titles on the Dreamcast. 177 more words


Psikyo Complete Collection

Psikyo masters of the shump genre published one title on the Dreamcast Zero Gunner 2 a perfect Naomi arcade port. Well worth picking up.

T-20401M Zero Gunner 2… 40 more words


From Software Complete Collection

Frame Gride was developed by From Software better known at the time for the Armoured Core series of games. It also has a mech battling gameplay and an in depth upgrading system and deep customisation options. 87 more words


HDR-0008 Geist Force Unreleased

Geist Force was a game many were looking forward to before the launch of the Dreamcast. Sadly even though packaging samples were printed the game was quietly cancelled. 158 more words


Video abstract - "Working with Strangers in Saturated Space: Reclaiming and Maintaining the Urban Commons"

Forthcoming in Antipode 47:4 this September, and available online now, Amanda Huron’s “Working with Strangers in Saturated Space: Reclaiming and Maintaining the Urban Commons” is the latest of a growing number of papers in the journal on the commons – or, as Amanda puts it, “ways to envision new worlds”. 370 more words

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