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Booking train travel around Europe

The northern hemisphere summer is now upon us, which sees many people making their way to Europe for a holiday. The multitude of transportation options around the continent makes it super easy for tourists to get around. 686 more words


Dragonball Super | ドラゴンボール超

The first episode of the new Dragonball series, know as Dragonball Super, made its debut on Japanese television today, Sunday, July 5th at 9am Tokyo time. 662 more words

Battle Of The Gods

How to check and terminate PostgreSql DB connections

If you want to manage your postgresql db connections, you can get the connection client_address, username, how much time this connection is active and which query is run by this connection. 51 more words


Mongodb Drop the data base

There are three things related to delete functions you can do with mongodb. This article will focus on dropping a database.

1. remove a document… 52 more words


(July 1, 2015): Cleveland Lounge - Drowning (Dave Audé Drum & Space Mix)

From the 2000 double 12″ EP, Drowning.  So far as I can tell this EP is the only thing ever released by Cleveland Lounge (Dave Audé, Matthew Meschery, Nat Gleason, Paul Hollman).  28 more words


And the carelessness award goes to...

Me: Veronica Lenoski!
Why? you may ask…Well Fletcher and I are currently on our way to Hamburg, Germany.

Again, Why? Well because I completely forgot to grab my iPhone out of my seat pocket before departing one of the many trains we took from Gruenau, Austria back to Gent, Belgium! 907 more words

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Database and Images

To upload the image from your website you need:

1) The right form written in HTML in your php page. Here is a simplified version, you can add more tags if you want to put in your database. 394 more words