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Day 2

A lot of things happen during the span of the daytime, but somehow I always find myself able to compose a summary within the single, short drive it takes to bring me back home. 1,156 more words


london in five days (II)

Our first full day in London started early. Like, “Why are you up?! It’s not even 7am!” kinda early. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I’d forgotten to draw the curtains in the room, which got the morning sun.
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something old.

Today I ran into an old classmate while shopping for a dress.

At first I didn’t recognize her but then it sunk in, she was the girl that sat next to us in English class that semester. 164 more words


40 Days to Feeling Good

This weekend brought surprise after surprise, laughs until I cried and on this sluggish Monday back to work after a long weekend, my heart is feeling incredibly full. 430 more words


Sunny Days

Dark Clouds

Tear Stained Cheeks

Heart Wrenching Sobs

And Finally Sleep


1minute29: School Days 4

Today in School Days, I realise that every character talks like a fucking metronome. Also Makoto practices groping Sekai for when he gets to Kotonoha, with no idea that he is making her jealous. 49 more words


Sober Day 77

January sober days: 22
February sober days: 15

March Sober days: 6
April Sober Days: 12

May Sober Days: 9

June Sober Days: 12

Sober Days