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Quote from Author Unknown

Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing.
~Author Unknown



I trust in God.  I praise his word.

psalm: 56:4

Endless Days

Days like today are typical for me. Nothing going on, me being alone and wishing that there was something more to life then this. Sitting on the couch pretending to watch television when really all I want to be doing is sleeping or be outside having an adventure of some sort as to fill the endless void that is my boredom. 42 more words



It’s one of those daze.  My spell-checker is at a loss for wurdz.


Some days you are a drought
And some, you are a storm
A tempest. A blizzard. A meteor swarm.

For nights I held you nigh… 11 more words


Mar. 28: Lists and Life

I hope your days and your life never turn into one long to-do list.

Sincerely, Boraan.

One Line Truths


AHHHH! It’s finally spring break, I’ve been waiting for this week all semester! I only have two classes and they are pretty easy but the paper work and deadlines for transferring has been so stressful. 395 more words