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Poem Tryouts: Dream the Day Away

9: 01a.m. — Atlanta

listening to the Tour de France

Hello, all. Heat is building around the world. It’s hotter in England than the US! We spent a wonderful week up in DC and Vermont, where the temperatures were unseasonably autumn like. 292 more words


The Next BIG One

I work at a call center. I won’t get so far into that or what all my job entails, that’s not the point of this post and I certainly don’t want anything coming back to me. 451 more words

Normal Blog Post

Summer blogging challenge; Day 6

Today’s prompt is daydream.

This is something I do a lot -maybe too much. I dream about the what if’s and imagine moments you’d only see in movies -mainly the comedy kind because, clearly, I’m hilarious. 247 more words

Blogging Challenge

Digital Daydreaming

Technology and app daydreaming

It used to be normal to close ones eyes and drift into an personal and imagined flow of thoughts from a safe corner… But now most of the time that used to be spent daydreaming, is being replaced with something very different,  based on billions of simultaneous global collective postings of updates and shared stories delivered through the air, to  the personal small screens we crawl up in the corners with. 17 more words


First Post! Introduction 2.0

Welcome to my blog!

This is actually the second time I’ve started this blog. The first time, my parents scared me into removing it. They told me that I should be careful about what information I make available about myself. 393 more words


Fire Fighter

To the Dreamers:
With great demand I have been asked how I managed to put out the fire, because you are tired of burning. With a lot of sacrifices and work it can be done. 482 more words

Rather Unsaid

New York Apartment Dreams

Hello world.

I’ve always loved the interior in New York apartments. The classic brick-wall, the wooden floors,  and possibly a bicycle leaning up against a wall somewhere. 55 more words