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Dear Alexa Chung -- You Might Actually Have A Vested Interest In Making Me Famous

Now, I am not pinging Alexa Chung directly anymore. So, when I told her I would shut up, I wasn’t lying.

When it comes to me writing about this subject on a very, very, very low trafficked blog, I think it is safe to say that essentially I am writing in oblivion and it’s not like I’m actively bothering her by what I writing. 494 more words


Revelation in Cambodia

I don’t draw or sketch.

I don’t know how.

I paint.

Painting is different from sketching.

This is a revelation for me.

The Cock Crows

The Cock Crows

It’s already half-past eight, and I feel the morning gone but the day presses, as if I am tied to it, like it’s made a claim that I’ve forgotten, you know that feeling, waiting to be surprised by a jack-in-the-box, like you’ve lost your keys, locked yourself out of the house, and where did the day go, and when did I lose it…. 19 more words

Who Is Selma Siri

The Dragon of Her Mind

Her mind contained another world, one that reflected what she hoped heaven would be like. She liked being a mortal, but she wanted more fantastical and extraordinary things to exist. 380 more words


Start Here, Start Now

The first step in any process should be to evaluate the current situation.  If you are renovating a house, for example, you need to assess the current condition of the house (not yesterday’s condition, not tomorrow’s), determining which items are in need of repair or outright replacement, and which items will stay.  226 more words

Time Passenger

Emily Mac’s California daydreamin’ in her first single “California This Winter”

Singer/songwriter Emily Mac released her first single earlier this week: “California This Winter,” available for download/purchase on iTunes and viewing on YouTube.

Featuring Mac’s powerful and soulful vocals, the arrangement inspired by the R&B, gospel-infused sounds of Motown, “California This Winter” is not just a lament for the season, but one of the heart and soul. 161 more words


I See Music.....

Confession time….. I am a very interesting creature. God hard wired me to have many different interest. You know about my love of the people in my life, children, animals, photography, coffee, learning new things. 634 more words