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Light Packing for the Over Packer: Tips for Saving on Luggage

If you’re anything like me then you want to bring your whole closet on a trip with you. How will I know my outfit mood everyday in advance? 583 more words


Stuck on a highway

Dear fallen world,

It has been a while since i’ve written anything. I feel stuck. Deciding not to maladaptive daydream is tough, I can’t completely let go of it. 322 more words


almost real

Now that I am nicely fluffed up as my human calls it, she decides it is time to keep me fit and help me strengthen one of my legs that still has me limping somewhat. 426 more words

Daydream believer: Rats dream of a better future


It seems humans are not alone when it comes to dreaming of a better life for themselves: apparently, rats do it, too.

When at rest, rats and mice conduct mental rehearsals of journeys toward a desired future, such as a tasty treat, researchers at University College London (UCL) have found. 412 more words

Daily News


another suburbia scrolled past me at thirty-five miles per hour and I thought about another life that could have been, neither better nor worse. a different view from my bedroom, a veranda, windowsill flora. 123 more words


I’m supPosed to haVe droPped out of sChool by now
I don’t kNow what I’m sTill doing thEre
Maybe it’s becAuse of the mAny peOple wHo look up to me, as tHough I were a model 321 more words


Today I had my first anxiety attack in years . To everyone that palms anxiety off as nervousness let me tell right now you are oblivious. 555 more words