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Roma Gypsy Angel

I made a gypsy angel friend today in Peja. We were soul sisters as she juggled eating her lemon popsicle and playing her two-handed accordion. I lost my friends at lunch because I told them I wanted to stop and drop a coin and take a picture, but I got lost in her sweet gaze and her tidal flow out and in with that strange piano-and-buttoned contraption, so I sat right down on the concrete in front of her. 160 more words

Poem - Daydream

Hours become days
and the tasks I desire
succumb to the ones
I dread and I sit
here at the empty table
holding a cold cup of coffee
and daydream of writing.


Poetry Month, Day 17: Communion


We sit in our sterile boxes
Seeing images depicting
Other places
Other lives
And we hunger for something
But felt
A nameless, intangible longing…

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More Neverborn!


While waiting for some layers on my Iron Painter entry to dry, I have been working on a few more Neverborn to add in to my collection. 299 more words



Slow down my every thought,

Rest my weary mind,

Wander away with the clouds,

Leave the world behind.