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For a Summer to come...

An English Summer spent in this cottage will be like…

I will be spending that perfect summer surrounded by luscious green pastures, sitting under 100s years old trees wearing a straw hat and having cucumber sandwiches. 111 more words

Grey's Past Posts Before April Fools, 2015 Pushes the Birth of the Real Latte Liquor Blog

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Life then was a series of vicious cycles, pushing and pulling of events, the repetitive feeling of fear, and quiet despair. 216 more words


This May Take Awhile

It’s an inopportune time that you’ve come to my door, as I’m making mud pies and my hair’s in curlers.

I’m in the middle of a daydream and I may need your help. 38 more words

In A Glass House - Excerpt

The telephone rang in an uptown office of glass and mirror. The day promised to be a steel, gray one like the buildings it enveloped. Anne Baxter sat at her desk gazing through the window wishing she could set fire to the piles of paper on her desk. 636 more words

Creative Writing

How to Be Inspired to Write or... Even Daydream

We all have those days were the only thing, we want to do is stay in bed or veg out in front of the TV, rocking our favorite PJ’s and munching down on a couple of unhealthy snacks. 157 more words


Merely four words
Validation through the ages
Not to lose our childhood mindset


Gifts to us
Not a waste of time
Time spent wisely… 12 more words


The man who sold happiness

Every midday down the main alley way unto our street a scanty man with a crooked nose, messy hair and a filthy beard would approach our house. 318 more words