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13 things I should have done earlier.

What’s up you guys!

It’s been a while.. And i was in a big struggle of life if I should post stuff in here or not and you know what? 243 more words


With the finish line in sight

CloseCo and Gala

The dreaded and anticipated day had come. Dreaded, because it was the official last day of this wonderful project. And anticipated because it was time to see everyone again, time to reflect, time to put a full stop on this short chapter of my life. 1,293 more words

Chronological Entries

Be sure to check out my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lifelong-Scribe/802589063112767 for daily updates and insights into the stuff I get up to :)
Also I’m debating actually using my Youtube channel :P Thinking of doing videos/vlogs about what I do when I’m writing, character and inspiration discussions and general randomness. Thoughts people?

A Word From The Writer

Seven Tips for a Long and Healthy Life

As good as modern medical technology is, it can never save from the problems resulting from life style that’s unhealthy. Instead of finding a modern… 608 more words

Getting My Day Organised for Success

I’m always fascinated by people who are organised and know exactly what to do for every part of their day.  The positive people that never say “I haven’t got time to do it” or “I wish I had more time”.   677 more words

Personal Cultivation

Daily sketching

Karen Jiyun Sung. karenjysung.com


Tired Of Tired

I was notified the other day that, after three months or so of not working, I ll be working this weekend to cover some coworkers. Its like the anxiety almost went into hibernation because of how good I was at avoiding stressors. 63 more words