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Sneak peak

Little preview of my new Burberry vintage buy today, bought from oxfam as well so it’s double good. Got a beaut mid-length St Michaels skirt too but will post better pictures later. 9 more words


Another vintage beauty

Took another trip to the amazing Fab Vintage in Winchester and came out with this gorgeous little number. Have posted the belt on here before, bought from rokit vintage in Camden! 16 more words


Another day, another alteration

Bought from winchester vintage market. Originally down below the knee with a detachable yellow collar. The lady who sold it to me told me that she got this particular dress from a woman in her 90s who used to get clothes handmade a lot, and this particular dress is a handmade Indonesian print dress from the original owners travels. 8 more words


Twentieth look.

Blazer - Camden Rokit Vintage

Body and Shoes - New Look

Trousers - Primark


Nineteenth look.

Blazer and Skirt – Charity Shops

Shoes and Jumper – New Look

Day To Day Looks