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Author training

I played a lot with dolls as a child, especially Barbies and paper dolls, and had a hard time letting go of that stage of my life. 489 more words

As We Get Older (and Wiser)...

Somedays are are all about dusty window sills,broken leaves,fallen flowers,saggy bottoms and the dreaded heartbreak.Okay,so I am getting older and this is life.Yes,you will eat cold pizza at midnight and shave your legs maybe once or twice a week if lucky. 680 more words


The Empty Glass

Searching for an escape route,
she don a worn-torn boot.

Craved for the paradise,
time for her to shoot the dice.

Consequences are harrowing,
of the moves, she’ll be playing. 39 more words



It was so hard to look at my my breakfast plate-chocolate biscuit,bread and butter…antidepressant.I thought I was weak and crazy…I sat back into the chair and did not want to get up…the television on loud..I thought of my lost love and what he would think of me now. 779 more words


I am my own best friend.

Sometimes I’m lying in my bed, trying to go to sleep earlier than my usual 2 am. Thoughts itch my brain, pretty sexual thoughts. I’m thinking, my boyfriend isn’t here tonight to knock me around and pound the life out of my pretty pussy. 785 more words

Viewing My Life

I have learnt that life is like a book and each new journey is a chapter.Some days I do not want to write or see the next leaf but I know the pages will keep turning and I cannot close.Then there are times I want to crinkle it all up and throw away…my dreams keep me alive. 787 more words