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Seeing red.

I love the Royal Mail. I  recently pointed out the difference in appearance of a Victoria Regina  pillar mail box in Great Pulteney Street compared to a George Rex box at the city end of the London Road. 138 more words

Day By Day

Cerita Kita Kemarin

Mumpung lagi diperpustakaan kampus yang wifi super kencang jadi mau update sedikit cerita kita kemarin.  wifi rumah masih suka on – off nih ;(

Kemarin kita ke daerah Alexandria buat nemenin si bocah main di salah satu playground indoor “Little Dynamo” kebetulan coupon yang kita punya bakalan berakhir masanya di tanggal 7 hari ini. 237 more words


TImothy Randall crowdfunded me a Quadcopter and I crashed it into a tree.

Its okay, it survived & the footage was awesome.

One Wednesday afternoon last month, to my completely suprise Timothy Randall casually brought up mid conversation , this: 297 more words



I don’t want to go.

If tonight’s the same as the last two weeks, I will gulp some chocolate for courage, pack up my books, and head out the door, shoulders squared.   550 more words

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Aglio et Olio Pasta with Brussels

파스타: 베이컨, 버섯, 마늘, 올리브오일, 소금, 후추, 포인트는 청양고추!
아기양배추: 오븐에 20분 굽기, 올리브오일, 소금, 후추

Day By Day

walking baby

My baby is walking, finally!!
Little shaky and easily exhausted, but Irene loves strolling around~!

Day By Day