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Day 6 Carogue and Boo Character Design Sheets

Finished the character design sheets for Boo and Carogue. Also used other design to base them off of and then drew my own design over them. 18 more words

(Day 6) Sleepy JoJo

As you can see, I am posting Day 6 on Day 7. I spent Day 6 sleeping. Trust me, I needed it.  It has been one of those weeks and I could feel my body telling me to “Chill Out”. 27 more words


writing the mop juice

You may be wrong about what’s in your mind. The best way to know what really is going up there is to write.

I wondered many times what’s in my head but could only discover, understand and piece it together when I materialized it on paper. 39 more words

Day 6

February 23 || Day 6 || Lent 2015

This day was mentally tough for me. I wasn’t in the right mind to be doing anything for whatever thoughts I was thinking was not healthy. 354 more words

Daily Reflections

Day 6: Important Band?

Writing Challenge Day 6 is to write about a Band or Musician that is most important to you

Ever had those songs that seemed like they’re talking about you? 406 more words

Lent: Day 6 and 7...

Day 6: Sweats

Yes, sweats…not sweat.  Sweat would imply that I did something.  Rather, I added (or just didn’t change out of) my sweats… 262 more words

Family Rehab

Dinner - Day 6

Tonight I had turkey lettuce tacos for dinner and chocolate avocado pudding for dessert!