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Run for your life!

I’ve been struggling to run this year. Between constant knee issues and lack of time with classes, my ability to run has waned. I could go a couple minutes, but then I was winded or my knee died. 281 more words


Day 4 - Write about someone who inspires you

The person I admire most is my best friend, he’s also my fiance, and the father to my four amazing kids. My Mikey has done remarkable things to hold this family together over the past eleven years. 273 more words


Day 4 - Exploration

Before we left the house this morning I decided that I didn’t like the bathroom cupboard in the downstairs toilet so with my handy power drill I removed the first two screws then sort the help of my husband to hold the cabinet so that I could remove the top two. 376 more words

Day 4: What's in my handbag?

Hello hello!

Am I the only one who has about a million bags yet only uses about 3 of them? I’ve got well over 20 bags stuffed into one another hidden under my bed and in my wardrobe ‘just in case I’ll need them’. 409 more words


July Challenge: Day 4 - Happy Independence Day!

Hey Challengers…Happy 4th of July! 

To all my fellow Americans…I wish you a very safe, happy, and fun Independence Day!

As we celebrate the birth of our great nation let’s remember those who died to gain our freedom…those who have served in the past…and those who continue to serve to preserve our Independence. 135 more words

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5.4 The Jizz Generation. (or) I'm The Best Sperm Cell In The Game.

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“A clown sneaks up behind me and places my balls on his forehead.” Ok. Can I please have a coffee first? 759 more words