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Upgrading your DAW

No matter how much we try to stay on top of new releases. The reality is that in some cases they come at the most inconvenient of times. 686 more words

Digital Audio Workstation

How to cycle between open windows in Cubase (on a Mac)

I’ve seen a lot of people asking in forums and on other sites how to cycle focus between your open windows in Cubase. Since Cubase will process your keyboard shortcuts in the window that currently has focus, keeping track of where you are in the DAW becomes essential for a fast and smooth workflow. 109 more words


Review of Mulab 6 DAW

Version 6.3.6 is the latest version of Mulab at the time of this review.

To put it simply, Mulab 6 is a very impressive DAW. It is a very capable DAW which is incredibly reasonably priced at 69 EUR (~£50). 1,467 more words

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PC Update

           My new PC is finally finished and I’m really pleased with it’s performance! It’s far  more  stable than my previous one and I can compose with more instruments. 64 more words


5 Tips for a faster Cubase workflow. Spoiler: its all about the keyboard!

Recently I switched from Logic Pro X to Cubase Pro 8, and immediately saw my productivity cut in half. The reason? The loss of familiar keyboard shortcuts. 492 more words


Does it really matter what DAW you use?

There always seems to be, depending on which world you live in, a debate going on about which DAW is best. Many studios proudly proclaim on their websites that they use Pro Tools, and there are even some musicians who won’t bother with a studio if they don’t have it. 561 more words


Mixcraft 7 Teacher's Guide


An updated version of the Mixcraft Teacher’s Guide is now available. As always, a .pdf-version of the book is free. Updates include new student projects, an overview of the added features in Mixcraft version 7, recommendations on hardware, and fresh screenshots. 85 more words

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