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The Mythology of Work

Peter Fleming discusses the themes in his new book The Mythology of Work: How Capitalism Persists Despite Itself for Pluto Press.

‘According to a recent study, the average worker in England spends 36 days a year writing emails. 1,876 more words


Hegel, Power, and Debt

A couple of months ago BBC Radio 4 put out a great series of short episodes on the history of debt. Noted anthropologist and anarchist, … 2,049 more words


Debt: the First 5000 Years.

For anybody who needs to find out why nothing seems to be working as it did before this is a book you should read. While ‘heavy’on the sociology and anthropology, as well as holding a sweeping assumption that anyone reading the text is a liberal arts graduate, David Graeber has assembled a convincing argument that debt is not what we think it is. 454 more words


Rojava: A Democratic System in Progress - A Short Film by System D Media

System D media has released a short video on Rojava and the Kurdish struggle for Democratic Confederalism in the region. Featuring interviews with Kurdish activists Memed Aksoy and Zeynep Kurban, the International Initiative’s Havin Gunesser, academics Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley and Dr David Graeber and more, the film offers a useful introduction into the revolution in Rojava and its origins, as well as the role of the PKK, and the theoretical influence of Ocalan. 31 more words

Conflict Resolution

David Graeber on Usury and the Psychology of the Conquistadors

The ostensible reason for the Spanish conquests in the New World was the bringing of Christ to the natives. But the extraordinary rapacity and cruelty shown by many of the Spanish soldiers often made a mockery of this purpose. 665 more words

The Falcon

Imagining a World Without Work

At the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, someone asked American suffragette and political activist Mary Elizabeth Lease what she thought the world would be like in 100 years’ time. 2,641 more words