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Gone girl

Gone girl is an amazing movie. through its 2 hours 30 mins run i never felt that the movie was drifting off its premise. it had me at the edge of my seat through out and couldn’t wait for the mystery to unravel. 189 more words


Spew in Review

Regurgitating Last Week’s Top Stories

1) ‘Gone Girl’ Director Promises to Return ‘Full House’ to Dark and Gritty Roots

Read about acclaimed director David Fincher’s big plans for your favorite tv family! 83 more words

Climate Change

Zodiac (2007) Take #2

I feel like shaking things up a little bit so I’m going to write a review on my first re-watch of Zodiac. Sometimes when you re-watch something you pick up on all the things you missed the first time around, whether they’re good or bad, so Zodiac will be appealing its original verdict in hopes of coming out with something a little higher. 476 more words


Gone Girl (and authenticity in modern culture)

We live in a culture that celebrates a supposed 100 % authenticity. Just look at the popularity of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast where guests battle their demons and reveal ‘all’ about themselves. 883 more words


'Gone Girl' Director Promises to Return 'Full House' to Dark and Gritty Roots

Writer-Director David Fincher has been tapped to helm Netflix’s reboot of popular 90’s sitcom Full House.  The award-winning director is best known for his films, which include  369 more words


David Fincher Series #1: Alien 3 (1992)

To begin my new weekly series focusing on the feature films of different directors, I will be focusing on the nine feature films of David Fincher’s directorial career. 1,270 more words


Gone Girl

The most horrifying thing about Gone Girl isn’t the crimes or misdeeds of any individual, but a cumulative, societal effort to suppress the truth. David Fincher applies his love of the procedural to Gillian Flynn’s script, depicting a missing persons case, the resulting media circus, and its exponential growth of lies, half-truths, and speculation. 255 more words