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The Circle by Dave Eggers

Probably the most pointless and boring book I have ever read.  Would not recommend to a friend.

Robert visiting Taverham Library

Slow and pretty boring to be honest.   98 more words

Norfolks Great Big Read


CARRIE & LOWELL by Sufjan Stevens (Asthmatic Kitty records, 2015)

It may be a bit early to name an album of the year but Sufjan Stevens’ elegiac seventh album will certainly take some beating. 567 more words


Social Media, Gen-Y, and Anxiety: The Struggle

If someone ever denies the satisfaction of receiving “likes” on social media, know that they are lying. No, I don’t care what they say. They are lying. 1,148 more words

Privacy & Anonymity Today

With the use of Distance Machine, we can see that there is a drastic increase of using terms “Privacy” and “Anonymity.”   Dave Eggers’ The Circle,  434 more words

The Circle by Dave Eggers

Very thought provoking!  I loved it.  I admit it was quite repetitive in the middle but I felt compelled to find out where the author was going with his theme.   17 more words

Norfolks Great Big Read

2015 - 1984 = 31

This is an incredible novel. In it I saw echoes of 1984 and a truly chilling future as being driven by the information giants of the search engines and social media. 102 more words


The Circle: Just Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Circle is a novel that tries too hard to be the 1983 of George Orwell’s 1984. It is a novel about the place of social media in our lives and the dangers of letting it actually control us and replace us. 1,450 more words