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Natalie - October 2000

One September night, our little adopted child, Lilly, who lived down the street, spent the night with Natalie. She was just like one of our kids and always at our house. 892 more words


A Worthy Cause on a Monday Morning

It is Monday morning.

My ears are full of the sounds of coffee brewing and the Octonauts English accents and cars whizzing by and kids on my front lawn walking to school. 619 more words

As Promised.............

Those of you who read all the parts of The Holly Story may remember there were some pictures I had wanted to post with some of the story, but the pictures could not be located to post. 71 more words


Captain Suave

Will you tell me where you stand?

Where do you stand in the grand scheme of things, and where do you stand on the subject that has kept my mom and I entertained all week long. 1,161 more words


Becoming The In-Laws

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we have become, “The In-laws”. ¬†We all know the jokes are endless and to top it off usually the mother-in-law is the worst! 227 more words

Eye of the storm

Youngest child

Smart, funny, kind, courageous, compassionate. Beautiful child. Spinning now, lashing out, reaching out, grasping for something to hold on to. I imagine life for you right now is much like that cruise ship we were on in the storm. 137 more words