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8 Going on 18


Daughters at 8 years old with a good intellect on them,a lovely grasp of vocabulary, a mothering quality if someone is hurt, compassion if someone is sad, an intelligence which is overflowing and an attitude of a teenager already! 156 more words


Bride breaks out baseball gloves to play catch with her dad during first dance

This is definitely a winning twist on wedding tradition. In the video above, a bride and her father whipped our their baseball gloves (in the middle of the father-daughter dance) and played a little catch on the dance floor. 94 more words


Here we go....

To those that have been wondering where I’ve been THIS time, I’ve been away focusing on finishing my book, “Daddy’s Doing Hair?!?!?”.  I have a difficult time focusing on more than one project at once, so I decided to restrict my writing efforts solely to edit and proofread the book.   1,914 more words


Twenty-Three Stream of Conciousness Things I Hate About Him -- One for Every Year I was Married

1.  I hate him for starting a new relationship before ending ours.
2.  I hate him for his lack of respect for me.
3.  I hate him for telling me for 23 years each day was new and we’d try again — until the day he didn’t. 444 more words


Of Choices and Opportunities

The old lady at the right must be the mother of the two younger women. Because the woman at the left is the eldest of the two sisters I presume she stayed home with her mother. 72 more words


Inside the magical world of my preteen

Weekly Skype calls and occasional WhatsApp messages with my children are not parenting. But, at their best, those calls and messages are communication, and sometimes that’s better than parenting. 459 more words

India has more illiterates than anywhere in the world—partly because of a preference for sons

India is home to the world’s largest population of illiterates. And part of the blame, according to a new study, may lie in the country’s preference for sons over daughters. 567 more words