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Ryan Reynolds Wants His New Daughter To Have A Normal Job!

Ryan Reynolds is settling into his new role as a parent, and loving it.

In a recent interview he said that he didn’t want his daughter to get into the movie industry. 61 more words


A Lack Of Patience 

To his left sat his most trusted advisor Durlan. An elf of much wisdom, he had come to Hilan not long after a battle where his second in command had been slain by the demons of the desert. 366 more words


Walking Wednesday: April Fools & Sleepovers

Happy 1st of April! Where has the time gone?! Seem’s like last week we were bringing in the New Year and it’s already nearly Easter. How has your April Fools been? 527 more words


B: Befriending #atozchallenge


“You come here often?”

Layla was completely immersed in her paperback novel when she heard the voice. She looked up to find a boy around her age, crossing his legs at the ankles and leaning casually against the pole of the swing she is seated in. 128 more words


1 Year

What is this? Why is my muffin on fire?

New. Exciting. Tiring. Different. Helpless. Lucky. Happy. Developing. Small. Strong. Interesting. Giving. Awesome. Hard. Annoying. Delightful. Sweet. 94 more words

Mimz Moment

i have to brag on my Momma. Not only is she single-handedly my absolute best friend but she is also the worlds greatest Mimz to Avery and Ellie. 146 more words

Issues That Leak Like Nosebleeds

Every guy is “the one” because daddy was never there to teach you how to pick them. Every girl is a “bitch that’s not to be trusted” because you don’t trust your own mom. 1,104 more words