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Triple Trouble!

So,linking up with A Dirty Nappy┬áin a linky to make a friend laugh who’s just had baby number 2!Congrats by the way.Now say goodbye to sleep,hairbrushing and grown up TV programmes! 320 more words


Mother pleads not guilty to assaulting child on Alaska Airlines flight

HONOLULU (AP) – A mother pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that she physically and verbally assaulted her 15-month-old daughter during an Alaska Airlines flight from Anchorage, Alaska, to Honolulu. 338 more words


Mother of the Bride

“Are you free on this date, Mum?”
She sprung it on me thus.
“Save the date!” She texted me.
“But please don’t make a fuss.” 132 more words



The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:20pm

My Mother’s Day Bunch

is a scraggly cascade of drying

lilly petals & crisp carnations

There are three well-preserved roses

the colour of autumn… 15 more words

Child Post 1: The Royal Wedding and Prince Harry

This post isn’t about writing, but a story that happened a couple of weeks ago.

It begins with a little girl. Normally, I won’t talk about my children. 1,305 more words

My Week at a Glance 24/5/15

My week at a glance this week features these lovely photographs…

  • My daughter feeling pleased with herself for being able to join in with her brother, now she can stand.
  • 66 more words

9 Signs Your Daughter Might Be a Mean Girl

There’s a mean girl in just about every school, clique, band, soccer team, religious education class, or carpool. This type of bullying is scary for parents, because we often worry that our sweet daughter is the subject of such relational aggression, but what if the tables are turned… – http://dailycrawler.com/9-signs-your-daughter-might-be-a-mean-girl/