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On the bus...

Took the bus home with the girls today… And Mac is just too adorable. 


Isn't taking care of parents next to godliness?

Source: http://prestigefamilydentistry.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Stock-Smile-03.png

From the time we are young, our parents take care of us in every possible way. From ensuring that we have the correct eating and sleeping habits to teaching us values and virtues; from answering all our possible questions to quelling our curiosity to spending their hard earned money and time to see us grow into good human beings, our parents do so much for us. 421 more words

My Thots And Scribbles

Worst parenting advice.

It doesn’t matter if you ask for it or not, you will still be given parenting advice. I welcome advice and opinions with open arms, but the fact is I will still raise my daughter the way I want to raise her. 357 more words


find yourself...

“It will take time and effort and failure and success to find yourself” – this beautiful message from Rodrigo García (father) to Isabel and Ines (daughters) inspired me to draw today’s ‪#‎myfather‬ ‪#‎illustration‬


Colleen 2/27/2015 - Il Mio Tesoro

“Il Mio Tesoro”

27 February 2015

Dear Colleen,

She’s your last baby and she’s turning into a petite little lady. Words can’t describe the force of your love. 437 more words


JJ Celebrates Go Texan Day! What's It All About?

I was so confused about Go Texan Day when I first moved to Houston.  I couldn’t understand why we were talking about the Texans when the football season was clearly over! 44 more words