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Advice from a lawyer to her law school-bound daughter

Dear Elizabeth,

Congratulations on your decision to go to law school. Your dad and I are very proud; we’ve always been proud of you. I’m writing not to say how excited I am about the opportunities open to you as a lawyer, but about how your new skills – and law license – can truly help others. 591 more words

I love you to the moon and back, More than all the stars in the sky, Forever and always

Is it weird to admire a 3yr old? Because my kid… She is one heck of a human being. I know she’s only 3 and I know life hasn’t even began to throw her through it’s loops but she is a fighter. 731 more words


Soul to Soul with my DAD

Whenever I receive a compliment, I know it’s more about you,
Whenever someone thanks me, I pass that on to you…
Whenever someone touches my heart, I know it is ruled by you, 143 more words

Personal Affair


Hi Isobel

i don’t know how to put how I am feeling in to words but I will try.

i am so sorry that I have to go in to hospital and leave you and your mum for a week. 58 more words

30 Day Challenge: Day Eight!

Day 08: “A Moment you felt most satisfied with your life.”

Well, this is easy. The birth of Talia. Becoming a mother was all I was ever dead set on, everything else was always changing. 97 more words

First Time Mum

Things aren't so scary as they seem!

One of the 4 lessons that Adrienne Breaux learnt from her father is to simplify things in life. Her father always says that “things are not as complicated as they seem”. 23 more words


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