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Like a silent listener
With a smirk on her face
She looks at us vaguely
And tosses in her place

Like a silent observer
With a spark in her eyes…

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Bikes Of Yore - Janice Wald

It’s Janice’s birthday today … 21 today I think she said …

I’m a bit behind at the moment, and she’s been waiting patiently for me to publish her guest post :) 1,046 more words

Don Charisma

Gratitude and Joy

Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy.  Meredith Grey

But I think it does.

My son and I were discussing joy yesterday. How do we put joy in our life? 521 more words


How Long Has It Been?

How long has it been since I spoke to you last? There is no time in heaven so it must be a moot question. Thank you for keeping our baby girl safe during her brain surgery. 173 more words



If Ranjeet had learnt one lesson in the last two years, it was that being single was better than being a single father.

What a world of difference it made to have a child to take care of. 1,294 more words


First Family Camping Trip

We had our first family camping trip a few weekends ago. To say the least it was interesting. Brookline loved it, she is such a nature girl. 180 more words



When my 2,5 year old daughter wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is declaring that today she is “HAPPY” . Every day she say the magic word, it makes my heart skip a beat. 146 more words