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Jurassic Spark

A month ago I started this quarter life crisis blog to document my ridiculous attempts to find some male contact. I have always written as a hobby and thought it was time to move from the notebook to the world wide interweb but assumed there would be same amount of people reading these rambles as how many people read my diary… being me alone. 399 more words


The Real Reason You're Still Single

When I can’t fall asleep or post-savasana in yoga class when my mind is supposed to be clear, I start to wrestle with negative thoughts. Most of the time I can ward them off, but there’s one that plagues me more than any other (possibly because it’s a big fear of mine): 317 more words


How much is too much time.

I’ve started hanging out with someone and so far he seems pretty cool.

Funny. Engaging. Random. Cute.

Funny. Creative. Talented.

Funny. Like lots funny.

He makes fun of me. 494 more words


While You Were Sleeping

After over a week of no responses from Will, and me suspecting that he had had a stroke, or was in a coma, or worse, I heard from the Sister. 233 more words


I Want To Die Because I Can't Find A Girlfriend That Wants To Date Me.

I have been trying to look for a girlfriend that would be okay with dating me even though I have a Fiance, because I want to know what it s like to date a woman. 89 more words

#SayNoToDating2015 March Update

Three months and counting. Soz to all the people waiting in line to date me.

It’s only fitting that after a stellar Wrestlemania 31, that I make this not-so-subtle wrestling reference: IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAAAAAME. 666 more words


Love at first sight...?

I know this sounds crazy…

But I think I am in love with Will. I do not say that I love someone lightly, I don’t fall in love easily and I’ve met him once. 439 more words