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16 Reasons We Should Ban The “Hey” Text From The Dating World

1. It leaves the onus of picking a conversation topic on you. The sender is flat out saying that they want to talk to you but refuse to indicate a preferred topic or give you any sort of direction. 567 more words

Delighting in God

Another theme in my book, “You Can Change,” is a discussion about what it means to delight in God. At times we get tempted to delight only in God when things are going well or when God provides us with what we want in life. 210 more words

In which my cleavage leads where I have to follow

I knew it wasn’t going to be the “love of my life” type date as I found myself on all fours on his sofa, sans… 461 more words


239. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, April 27th, 6:00pm
Brandon and Jordan

Jordan: How’s the new girl working out?

Brandon: Pretty good. She caught on quick.

Jordan: Hey man, it’s great you got the manager’s job. 90 more words

Short Stories

The Dangers of Dating While Drunk

That moment when you’re texting with the guy you went out with last week, and he keeps referencing things you talked about, but you don’t remember any of them because you were WAY too drunk.

and then….

Dating/Single Life

Double tap to change personalities

Do you ever have those days where you crave eggs and then other days where you can’t even stand the smell of eggs? Just the smell will make you queasy? 584 more words


Cinderella, Cynicism and Cyber Sluts

In a city where you can be fired tomorrow, spend your commute with a group of sweaty strangers, where charity is just another PR opportunity and a man can tell you it’s over with an instant message, it’s easy to get cynical. 460 more words

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