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"Is This an Interracial Relationship?"

I swear sometimes I jumped into a new reality when I started community college. While I was in elementary, middle, and high school, it was like I was plague to some guys because I was anything but white. 1,043 more words


Always There

I felt scared and alone
and you were always there
I felt isolated, on my own
and you were always there

I felt ugly and insecure… 304 more words


What It Really Means To Be ‘Obsessed With Being In A Relationship’

I’m sure my mother reads some of what I write on here. It could be a couple of articles, or it could be most of them; but I know she’s read some of them. 580 more words

The Next Day

The sun beamed through the large windows. Awake and a bit dazed, Jasmine pulled herself off the usually comfortable pillow. Her head spun. As she surveyed her surroundings a bit of terror hit down. 1,428 more words


Easter Egg Hunt

My brother and his wife did this for their first Easter together. They bought Easter candy and plastic eggs, filled them up and had me and my sister hide them all in a park for them to look for. 109 more words


Mr. H shivered in the frigid air. He looked around at the four dull, metallic walls that surrounded him and wondered why they kept it so cold in here. 359 more words



To begin: a story. I know someone who was taken to Burger King on a date. Upon ordering he produced a coupon, and then when the total came up on her till turned to her aghast and asked her how much her bottle of water. 709 more words