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New Tool at Minerazzi: The Data Set Editor

Some times you need to deduplicate or sort alphabetically a set of items delimited in some way. Perhaps you just want to remove those items that match specific terms or strings. 71 more words

Data Mining

How to Mine Data from the Social Web Part 3

This is the third part in my series on How to Mine Data from the Social web. Go to Part 1 or Part 2 if you missed a bit and if you’re a bit confused as to what is going on. 1,841 more words


Data Mining and its Impact on Social Media Platforms

We live in a world where every aspect of our life can be plotted. Every want, action, thought, and dream can be shared online and turned into quantifiable data points; later used to determine a variety of variables that can help companies decide how to best sell us a product, or used by government agencies to determine whether we pose a threat to ourselves or to society at large. 646 more words


Guest talk for Data Society's "INTRO TO DATA SCIENCE BOOT CAMP"

I (@rheimann) was fortunate to recently (Feb. 22nd) participate as a guest speaker in Data Society‘s Data Science Bootcamp. The bootcamp is four-week long class with 24 hours of instruction time. 138 more words

Public vs Private/Metadata vs Data/Modelled vs Unmodelled

Governments, intelligence organizations, and law enforcement have traditionally made a distinction between collecting data about what I do in public spaces, and what I do in private spaces. 1,017 more words

Sistem Komplex, Econofisika, Fisika Komputasi dan Informatika Mendukung Pembangunan Bangsa

Sistem Complex, Econofisika, Fisika Komputasi  dan  Informatika Mendukung Pembangunan Bangsa

Prof.Dr. The Houw Liong

Peran Metoda Sains dalam Sistem Komplex , Ekonofisika dan  Informatika

Metoda Sains yang dikenal sebagai Logico-Empiricism menyatakan bahwa suatu pernyataan adalah benar jika dapat dijelaskan secara logis dari hukum alam yang sudah terbukti kebenarannya  dan dapat diverifikasi secara eksperimen/observasi. 1,346 more words

Data Mining

Get historical stock prices using Yahoo Query Language (YQL) and Python

Previous post demonstrated pulling company balanced sheets and financial records using Yahoo Query Language (YQL) . Historical prices which is used to calculate price trends can also be obtained from YQL using following table “yahoo.finance.historicaldata”. 274 more words