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The Big Data Iceberg

I like the picture of this file.

If there’s one area of analytics that people get really passionate about, it’s visualization. But as a new generation of people discover the joys of analytics, it’s worth remembering that pretty dashboards and charts are the easy part.

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Data Analytics

Introduction to the practice

As a recent college graduate searching for a data analytics role in a city that rarely hires entry-levels, I realized that I was slowly forgetting what I’ve learned in my business analytics courses. 152 more words

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Introducing Afraus: an Unsupervised Fraud Detection Algorithm

The last Report to the Nation published by ACFE, stated that on average, fraud accounts for nearly the 5% of companies revenues.

on average, fraud accounts for nearly the 5% of companies revenues…

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How to make sure your interns don't have a useless summer

Dear Annie: Help! The person in our department who was in charge of our four summer interns (among other things) just quit without any warning at all. 945 more words


Emotions run high on upcoming Greek referendum

Emotions have been running high across social networks on the upcoming Greek referendum. The question on everybody’s lips (and fingers) remains the aftermath of Greece defaulting its US$ 1.7 billion IMF loan. 721 more words

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What do data analytics pros need from IT? Plenty!

Enterprises want and expect a lot from their data analytics initiatives and their data science professionals, including greater insights into customers, markets, business processes, logistics, employee performance, and much more. 355 more words

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What is big data analytics?

Big data analytics is the process of examining big data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information that can be used to make better decisions. 24 more words

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