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Measures of Similarity and Distance

Similarity and Distance is a numerical way to measure how alike or geometrically close two data objects are. Scenarios where you might want to calculate similarity and distance would be when you are trying to identify groups of users who have similar behavior or usage patterns.  477 more words

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Of diabetes and data analytics

I have always been a bit of a nerd.

There: I said it. I watched Doctor Who before it was cool to like it. Ditto Star Trek. 960 more words

Why hiring data scientists isn't enough

Enterprise leaders believe data analytics can improve their businesses. And it can, but only if the enterprise has someone capable of 1) asking the right questions and 2) drawing the right conclusions. 371 more words

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Linking Smart Data Analytics and Population Health Management

With the overwhelming amount of data accumulated by healthcare providers across the country, the application of true smart healthcare data analytics can seem challenging. Last month at HIMSS15, we saw HIT leaders express confusion toward data analytics in our third annual… 100 more words

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Decoding the Cacophony of Birds’ Warning Calls - NYTimes.com

Birds must make a trade-off with their time between eating and being vigilant. Alarm calls help the group share that responsibility. But when birds cannot hear predators or alarms well, each must spend more time listening and less time feeding, or else move to where they feel safer. 45 more words

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IBM WATSON and IBM BlueMIX and Watson Analaytics

IBM WATSON and IBM BlueMIX and Watson Analaytics

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The Machine Vision Algorithm Beating Art Historians at Their Own Game | MIT Technology Review

The researchers then test the algorithm on a set of paintings it has not yet seen. And the results are impressive. Their new approach can accurately identify the artist in over 60 percent of the paintings it sees and identify the style in 45 percent of them. 566 more words

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