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How Carol Evolved From Outcast To Unkillable Badass In 'The Walking Dead' Season 5

Spoiler Alert: If you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, and if you don’t want to know about Carol in the comic book, read no further. 1,243 more words


The Walking Dead – Conquer. “Something's gonna happen. Just don't *make* something happen.”

The season finale which none of us wanted to see, as we now have to wait till October all over again…

Michonne’s words are felt throughout this extended finale, though this may not be as riveting as the Season Four ending ‘A’, it is safe to say ‘Conquer’ keeps to its title and in the end once again have us gripped. 835 more words


The Walking Dead Recap: Conquer

by: Lynda Green

The Walking Dead ended its fifth season on Sunday, finally addressing some crucial questions like Does Rick get banished? Where’s Morgan? Is Gabriel still the… 1,528 more words


The Walking Dead Season Finale

Holy cow! Walkers

Everywhere one can see

Morgan saves the day. Trust Carol, sunshine

She’s badass and tough as nails

Apocalyptic queen.

Power. Officer

Rick Grimes wears the mantle well… 49 more words


The Walking Dead : Conquer

Tonight is the season five finale for The Walking Dead and all bets are off. I have no idea what’s going to happen beyond knowing that Rick, Carol, Daryl and Michonne will probably live. 1,566 more words

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The Walking Dead Finale: You Don't Get Both, Sunshine

Well guys, this is it. The end of an era, and by era, I mostly mean season 5 of The Walking Dead. It’s going to be an adventure because the last episode implies that Rick is about to get kicked out of Alexandria–probably because he’s been full blown coo coo for cocoa puffs for the last episode or so. 1,788 more words

The Walking Dead

A look back at the losses of The Walking Dead season 5! #TWDFinale

With the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead looming around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to give a remembrance of those that have already fallen in this brutal season. 427 more words