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Mending box

This is my little tool box, stocked with all sorts of things that can be used for stitching, darning, patching and generally making things last longer. 62 more words


Where do we go from here?

National Recycle Week – Day 7

So, on this final day of National Recycle Week, I’ve been reviewing my posts and considering the future. It’s clear that recycling is simply not enough – everyone of us needs to think about using fewer resources. 429 more words


Antique Linen Smock Coat

I began my life in the hands of a farmer’s wife; rectangles of linen cloth spun in front of a fire and woven in the damp hills of Wales. 1,173 more words

A Textile Vocabulary - Observing & Capturing


Trying to describe it is like the task itself. Elusive, not part of your everyday vocabulary. You don’t really know how to begin until you hold the tools in your hands and rely on intuition and muscle memory to take over. 117 more words

Karina Szczurek

Discover the art of darning: How mending can make your clothes more beautiful

We have a philosophy that a tear, hole or stain, is the end of a garments life. In the world of fast fashion where clothes are cheap, made out of low quality fabric and outdated when the season changes throwing out clothes with a hole, tear or stain. 462 more words

Enduring Style

Clearing the decks

My last major project was my story quilt which I finished in April.  It was completely absorbing so when I had finished I had a build up of small projects and repairs to do.  1,071 more words

Taking Time

In the last twelve months or so I have started to gain an appreciation for Taking Time. Although (hand-) knitting probably isn’t the fastest craft known to man as it is, I have never shied away from projects that take a particularly long time to complete, such as this… 779 more words