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the challenge

Within the past week or two, I have come to a realisation which has caused me to scrap about 98% of all I have made in the past year. 661 more words

Wander Out Loud

Shoot at University of Portsmouth - Eldon Building

I was really pleased with the way the shoot turned out at RHS Wisley and felt that I could complete my practical element with images from that shoot. 402 more words


Self Portraiture - Shoot 1 (At home)

During my studies on another unit within the University an image was used as a part of the lecture which showed myself in the studio. I was mortified at my own appearance and at the time felt very low about myself. 332 more words


Portrait Development - Model Aggie

In order to experiment more with portraiture, I shot a friend of mine in a park in Chichester. 109 more words


Self portrait with Ironing Board Experiment

Originally I had the idea of photographing myself using an iron with an ironing board and taking the mundane and placing it in the beauty of the South Downs which I ive a very short distance from. 107 more words


Matchbox Pinhole Camera

Following on from the theme of darkroom photography, I decided to have a go at making my own matchbox pinhole camera. I used black marker to darken the inside to stop light from getting in and used a pinhole in an aluminium can to let the light onto the photographic paper. 83 more words

Chichester Football Pitch - Shoot

This shoot was more of an experiment for my own interest of ‘declined space’ and was shot in a semi derelict former football pitch in Chichester. 66 more words