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Suicide, why are we so scared to just say it?

Trigger warning: talks about suicide and suicide thoughts. 

The few times suicide has been a subject when talking to my family and IRL friends, I’ve usually used the phrasing “to die” or “end my life”. 845 more words



Searching for the moon on a dark night, no sight of it, only darkness is mastering the quiet night…

Not even a single star had the courage to show up… 139 more words


4.19.2015 9:20pm

Light bulb in my room just popped suddenly and burnt out. Sigh. Welcome to my study abroad experience. (It’s not awful, just dark. Literally.)


Just living


It’s been an amazing weekend!!!

It started on Friday when I got the papers confirming that I passed my teacher training this year!! So happy about that ☺️☺️☺️ 67 more words

Life As It Is


In the still of the night,

A faint glitter in a distance,

A forbidden place,


Something lurks.

A shadow passes.

Heart beat skips,

Then pounds. 26 more words

Writing & Blogging


An oubliette imprisons me,

A labyrinth with invisible walls.

Nothing hides from the Executioners’ gaze,

Hacking every second, hacking every minute,

hacking away the axis. 28 more words


Experts Puzzled by Frequent 'Sand-Ageddons' Sweeping the Globe - God is Indeed Speaking

In these short four months that make up the year 2015, we have seen numerous headlines describing ‘apocalyptic’ dust storms around the world that have led to travel chaos, red skies, raining mud, and cities plunged into darkness, widespread panic has mounted as many feared the Armageddon was upon them.  3,071 more words

End Time Prophecy