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My last post about lacking a love life have totally bummed me out!

And I feel so alone and sad about it all! I have a hard time sleeping too, and I even consider several times a day to contact my ex!! 131 more words

Life As It Is

Tingling lunar rays of light.

I see you; as your shining light illuminates my sky

of subtle blue, as your mottled skin reflects the

light of a thousand rays, as we say goodbye to day. 123 more words


What could I do but run, the tides of our passion ebbing at the edge of my face, threatening to suffocate, long lost nights of nothing but the words we still hold dear, those same words that brought us light and hope when things seemed most bleak. 273 more words



The candles have started to flicker out of existence, but she doesn’t notice as she sits in the almost-dark and let’s her mind wander.

The candles won’t go out, though, because they never go out. 232 more words


Incoherent rambling

A deer caught in headlights
Is how they describe me.
A fish washed up on land
Desperately trying to grow legs.
I know I’m coming last… 288 more words


emotional personification

overlooking the river of death
from the cliff of dreamlessness
as the winds of despair
wrack my broken naked body
with agony of defeat

i prepare to dive. 92 more words


Untitled Pc. 1

there was a certain silence.the kind you only find when two people know each other exceptionally well.and it was dark. but i could still see small traces of betrayal forming in every word he said.it’s not that i wasn’t listening, i was.ever so carefully. 112 more words

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