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There is a place!

There is a place, where only some can roam
for they have fallen harder then the rest
There is place, where only some can roam… 132 more words


Dark and dramatic with Genesis

So, having become a bit of a mesh head addict (in case you haven´t noticed..) I was thrilled when i found a beautiful new Genesis Mesh Head Blanca 2.0 at the Cosmetic Fair. 104 more words

1:21 pm Monday

People ask me all the time why I can’t sleep. I don’t even know what to say because so many thoughts run through my head at night. 149 more words

Poetry 101 Rehab - repost

Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab
Prompt: Skin
Also posted at my QuiltedPoetry.net blog.

“Past Midnight”
by Liz Bennefeld

under the waterfall, droplets
of falling starlight surround me…

80 more words

कुछ ढूंढ रहा था मैं

इन धुंध बादलो के बीच चल निकला
कुछ ढूंढ रहा था मैं…
गर्म- सी हवा
फिर भी नर्म- सी थी फिज़ा
कुछ ढूंढ रहा था मैं…
लम्बा रहा सफ़र
जाने पल बीत गए किस कदर
कुछ ढूंढ रहा था मैं…
भोर के उजाले में
अंधकार को इस कदर सिमटते देखा
शायद यही
ढूंढ रहा था मै।

Hindi Poem


There’s a little tick,
that sucks you dry.
Leaves you cold and empty,
from within.

It’s always on your back,
never letting go.
The more it feeds, 87 more words


blessed light

like bright souls, cherry
blossoms arrive to banish
darkness from Eden

Haiku - Poetry